Apple To Release An Ultra HD ‘4K’ TV With Voice And Motion Control By The End Of 2013 [Report]

Apple has been rumored to be working on a television for a long time now. In fact, Tim Cook practically said the company was looking into innovating the TV. Now a new report comes from Digitimes that Apple is indeed continuing to develop a TV, that some are calling the iTV, which is likely to support Ultra HD (3840×2160) […]

If Apple Were To Make An iTV, This Is How It Should Look [VIDEO]

Apple iTV

Rumors about Apple releasing their very own television set have been around since last year, actually even before last year. Various major websites have also reported that the fruit company is working on a television. So far, the company has denied everything and anything that has the world television attached. They may never build one, […]

Intel Plans To Invade Your Living Room, Wants To Roll Out A Cable TV Service And Set Top Box At CES 2013


2013 is expected to be the year of the television. With Apple and many other tech companies trying to invade your living room, it will be interesting to see who will come out on top. It looks like Intel also wants in on some of the action, as according to a new report from TechCrunch Intel […]

Samsung To Release A Revolutionary TV At CES 2013 [Video]


Apple has long been rumored to release a TV that will revolutionize the television industry. Apple’s design philosophy revolves around perfection however, and as such the fruit company will not release a product until it exceeds Apple’s own expectations. That is why there is a lot of products and mockups of existing products created by […]

Rumors Point To A 2014 Apple TV Debut, Initial Test Production Is Apparently Underway


Although it is unlikely that Apple will release a holographic TV anytime soon, the fruit company is expected to release a TV between 46 and 55 inches by 2014. According to an employee of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. — the company which owns Foxconn — initial testing of Apple’s television sets have gotten underway. It […]

Survey Says: Apple Television Would Sell Like Hotcakes…If It Exists


There’s still very little in the way of hard evidence, when it comes to the rumored Apple television set that’s supposedly coming next year. We haven’t seen any leaked hardware or specs, and given how awful Apple’s security was in regards to that sort of stuff when the iPhone 5 was yet to be announced, […]

This Apple TV Concept Looks Pretty Good To Us [IMAGES]


While Apple is still embroiled in meetings and legal nonsense with all the major cable providers, and an Apple TV that actually offers live television channels is probably still months or even years away, one user on The Verge’s forums has gone ahead and made a whole bunch of concept images of a future Apple […]

Younger Brother Smacked With An iPad In His Face [VIDEO]


Siblings are some of favourite people in the world but they also can be the vessel of tortue and frustration, especially when they are pestering you during a time of intense concentration. Well take a look at this video then, where an older brother is simply trying to enjoy his Apple iPad but his younger brother […]