Microsoft Is Now Attacking The iPad Mini [VIDEO]

Microsoft Is Now Attacking The iPad Mini

Microsoft seems to be on an iPad crusade at the moment and targeting everything iPad. Only yesterday we shared with you guys another commercial that was mean to show how the Surface RT was better than the iPad and today Microsoft has posted another commercial. This particular commercial, however, isn’t aimed at the full-sized iPad […]

Workers Don’t Want An iPad!?


Workers don’t want an iPad!? With Apple leading the way in post PC technology and the success of selling over 100 million iPads in around 30 Months (2 and half years) last October. Apple is now leading the way in the Consumer and Education market. But some of you may say ‘What about the business […]

Microsoft Announces Availability Of Surface Windows 8 Pro Tablets, Coming Feb 9th


Microsoft launched the Surface RT tablet in October last year, which didn’t see much success. Today, they’ve announced the availability of the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet, which should see better sales. The Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet is a true productivity device, as it runs the full blown Windows 8 Pro operating system. It’s basically […]

Sony Announces New Xperia Tablet Z, Is Dustproof, Waterproof And Slimmer Than The iPad Mini [IMAGES]


When it comes to tablets, the most common name is the iPad. Apple’s iPad has dominated the tablet market ever since its announcement in 2010. There are plenty of other manufactures that try to get a share of the market, but none have been as successful as Apple. Today, Sony has announced a new tablet, that […]

Android Captures Some Of The iPad’s Market Share In 2012


The year is almost over, and that means it’s time for those annual market share reports to come rolling in. The first such report appears to have arrived today, from the research firm International Data Corp. (IDC). They’ve got hard numbers on the worldwide tablet market shares, and the results are looking good for Android. […]

More Purchases Made From Mobile Devices On Black Friday This Year Than Ever Before


The mostly-American shopping frenzy known as Black Friday took place last week, and as part of an ongoing trend that’s been playing out for the last few years, more and more Black Friday shopping took place online. The fact that that trend continued this year is not a big surprise, but there is a couple […]

Oprah Tweets How Much She Loves The Microsoft Surface Tablet Via Apple iPad [IMAGE]


Most people who watch Oprah’s talk show do as she instructs, but she’s not always right. Especially when she tweets (via TNW) about her love for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet, from an Apple iPad. Oprah always does giveaways, product promotions and what not on her talk show. Most of her followers blindly do what ever she says […]

How To: Install TouchWiz 5 On ASUS Nexus 7 Tablet [Tutorial]


TouchWiz has been exclusively made for Samsung. However, a new ROM brings it to the ASUS Nexus 7 tablet. XDA Developers’ member smalldookie has released the CodenameSammy ROM, which brings TouchWiz 5 to the tablet. It’s based on the Codename Android 3.6 ROM. You should note that this guide is specifically for the ASUS Nexus 7 tablet. […]

Rumor: Microsoft Working On Xbox Surface, A 7-inch Gaming Tablet


The 7-inch tablet arena is growing more and more crowded by the day, and it looks like Microsoft may be the next big player to throw their hat in the ring. They’re allegedly taking quite a different approach than other mini-tablet makers, however, as they’re developing a tablet focused entirely around gaming. The Verge has […]

Developer Installs Chromium OS Onto His Android Nexus 7 [VIDEO]


Hexxeh, a profound lover of the Raspberry Pi and Chromium OS has successfully installed Chromium OS onto his Android tablet, the Nexus 7. I guess he was not enjoying the Android experience, and wanted something different. For anyone who does not know the Chromium OS project is based on building a fast, simple computing experience. […]