Planning To Leave Your iPhone And Buy A Samsung Galaxy S III? There’s An App For That!

Easy Phone Sync Android Icon-ijailbreak

There comes a time, when you finally decide that you’ve had enough of iOS and decide to move to the Android ecosystem. Moving from an iPhone to any Android phone is difficult, and most users look at high end devices. One such high-end device is the Samsung Galaxy S III, which was launched recently. To […]

Finally An Easy Solution To Sync iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch With Multiple iTunes Libraries [MultiTunes Cydia Tweak]


One thing that has always bugged me about my iPhone is that you cannot sync it will multiple iTunes libraries. While there are obviously solutions available to get past this default restriction I have never really put the time fourth to actually look into them. That is why when I saw the MultiTunes Cydia tweak […]

AirBind Android App Lets You Sync Your iTunes Library With An Android Device


It gets really annoying when you want to add songs to your Android device and you find that your music is stored in random places on your computer. Wouldn’t it be simpler if you could just transfer your iTunes library to your Android device? Most users, these days, use iTunes to play music, create play […]

“Wifi Sync” Now Supports Windows Users In iOS 5 Beta 4


Apple has brought support for Windows users in its “Wifi Sync” feature to iOS 5 Beta 4. For some time now Apple has been under scrutiny for “stealing” the idea from a rejected app submission, but have now added support for Wifi Sync on both Mac and Windows. The feature allows for wireless syncing whenever […]

What do you wish was included in iOS 5 that wasn’t?


Ok, so we’re only in Beta 2 and we’re still uncovering many of the 200+ new features with many jailbroken features making it’s way into the native iOS, but in my opinion – there is still ALOT of room left leaving jailbreaking necessary. So what’s missing? We’ve already got WiFi-Sync, deletable music from within the […]

Google Sync for iOS adds some welcome features


For those of you that use GMail as their syncing service of choice (which is most of us), Google has added some functionality to their sync service that will make that experience just that bit better. Having GMail set up as an Exchange service on iOS allows the users contacts, calendar, and mail to be […]

iOS 5 Beta 1 is having issues with Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy


It appears the release of iOS 5 has caused some issues with Exchange accounts and ActiveSync due to insufficient secruity requirements on iOS 5. The error occurs when trying to add an account as an Exchange on the (not Gmail) – the error looks like this: This release has a known compatibility issue with […]

iOS 5 Allows Users To Delete Music Direct From iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad


One of the most annoying things about iOS was the restriction that to delete any music file, you had to do it through iTunes and sync the changes down. The music in the is a database, with only one way communication; make a change on the device, iTunes will just sync it straight back, […]

Apple quickly releases iTunes 10.3.1 to fix iPhone sync issues


Only a day after releasing iTunes 10.3 that supports new cloud-based syncing between devices for purchased items from the iTunes store, Apple today quickly released a small update. With no official changelog, it can only be assumed the update was to address the issue a number of iPhone users were experiencing with an “unknown error […]

[How To] Enable Automatic Downloads in iTunes 10.3


Although most people have to wait a month or more to get their paws on the new Mac operating system, and twice that long for iOS 5, there is one cool new feature Apple unveiled this week that users can take advantage of right away. The iDevice community all let out a synchronous sigh of […]