Tim Cook Is No Longer The Top Tech CEO, Drops To 18th Spot In 2013

2013-02-28 GDR-Top50_CEOs2013-Rd2a

Last year, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook was ranked as the Top Tech CEO according to a survey by Glassdoor. This year, Tim Cook’s ranking has dropped from No.1 to the 18th spot, while Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg climbed to the the top spot. Apple has faced a lot of criticism this year and that could be a […]

Survey Says: Apple Television Would Sell Like Hotcakes…If It Exists


There’s still very little in the way of hard evidence, when it comes to the rumored Apple television set that’s supposedly coming next year. We haven’t seen any leaked hardware or specs, and given how awful Apple’s security was in regards to that sort of stuff when the iPhone 5 was yet to be announced, […]

iPad Ends Up On More Children’s Christmas Wish Lists Than Any Other Gadget


It looks like the era of home consoles dominating the gaming market might be on its way out, if the numbers in a new Nielsen report are accurate. They’ve surveyed a whole bunch of children aged 6-12 in the U.S., and asked them what they’ll be trying to get their parents to buy them when […]

Apple Maps Issues Have No Effect On iPhone 5 Demand, Says Survey


Back in late September, before Tim Cook apologized for Apple Maps’ shortcomings and before iOS 6 users have begun noticing behind-the-scenes improvements to the Map software, 451 Research was polling a sample of 4270 North American consumers in order to understand trends related to the smart phone market. What they found, during the heat of […]

Teenagers Really Like iPhones And iPads; In Related News, Water Is Wet


There’s nothing like a good user survey to give you a statistic basis to believe things you already know, and that’s exactly what Piper Jaffray’s analysts have provided today. They took a survey of 7700 teenagers, and asked them a variety of questions about iPhone and iPad ownership; whether they owned one, whether they wanted […]

FireCore Teases aTV Flash (Black) 2.0 Beta: New Menu, Integrated Search, Categories, And More


aTV Flash is a userfriendly mod to the first and second generation Apple TVs. The commercial software package adds powerful features to Apple’s set-top box, within Apple’s excellent GUI. These features include additional formats, lastFM integration, a web browser, and automatic cover art and metadata for your personal content. James Abeler, director of FireCore, posted […]

ComScore Says More Ladies Than Men Own Kindle Fire, and iPad Owners Care Less About Cost


The technology survey creators ComScore are up to their usual tricks, this time providing data on tablet buyers. They surveyed a group of 6000 recent tablet purchasers, and made some interesting discoveries about the demographics and motives of these folks. Apparently Kindle Fires are more likely to be purchased by women than men, while the […]

Samsung Popularity Surges, But Demand For Next Gen iPhone “Unprecedented” Says ChangeWave


According to a survey by ChangeWave Research, American consumers are more likely than ever to purchase a Samsung phone, but consumers are even more likely to buy the anticipated iPhone for themselves or family members.   When asked if they would buy a Samsung Galaxy S III for themselves or others, 2% responded that it […]

Most Americans Don’t Plan On Using Mobile Payment Systems [SURVEY]


A new study from the University of California, shows that more Americans haven’t warmed up to the idea of using their mobile device for payment processing just quite yet. According to the study, which surveyed 1,203 “adult internet users” in the U.S. (which was funded by Nokia) 74% of those say that they don’t plan on adopting […]

The Demand For Apple iPhone 4S Is Still At Rise, 6 Months After Its Launch


The Apple iPhone 4S is the most amazing iPhone yet, and most of us agree with that! With Siri, 8 megapixel camera and the faster processor and graphics, why wouldn’t one love it. The iPhone 4S was launched almost 6 months ago, yet the demand for the device is still high. According to a recent […]