Microsoft Releases Two New Surface 2 Ads Bashing The iPad [VIDEO]

surface pro 2

Just yesterday we shared with you that Microsoft owned Nokia released a new commercial about the Lumia 2520 tablet taking cheap shots at the iPad. Now the Redmond company has done the same for its Surface tablets, but this of course is nothing new. Microsoft consistently promotes the Surface by bashing the iPad, where it […]

Microsoft Announces New Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2 Tablets

surface pro 2

Yesterday, at an event in New York, Microsoft announced the successor to its Surface tablets, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. As you all know, the Surface was a tablet running on Windows RT and was intended to take on the Apple iPad. That didn’t go very well and Microsoft had to face a […]

Microsoft Starts An iPad Trade-In Program For A $200 Credit Towards Surface

Microsoft Surface Trade-In Program

In an attempt to further take away marketshare from Apple, Microsoft has started a new promotion where it will offer you a gift card if you trade in your iPad for a Surface RT or Surface Pro. It was stated on marketing material that Microsoft would be willing to give you a minimum $200 gift […]

Microsoft Isn’t Slowing Down With Its iPad Bashing Advertising For Surface [VIDEO]


Despite the fact that Microsoft has seen $900 million in losses due to the Surface it isn’t done attacking the iPad just yet. Recently Microsoft has been coming out with all sorts of commercials showcasing how great the Surface is because it can do things the iPad can’t. And today the Redmond company has released […]

Despite A $900 Million Loss In The Surface Division Microsoft Continues To Attack iPad

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.39.54 AM

Microsoft is continuing to go after the iPad in its aggressive marketing campaign where it compares the iPad to its Surface tablet. The last commercial we shared with you related to how the iPad sucked at multitasking compared to the Surface. Today Microsoft has released a new commercial that mocks the iPad for its absence […]

Microsoft Slashes The Price Of The Surface By $150 Due To Low Demand


Microsoft is struggling to sell Surface… despite its clever ad campaigns. The last two quarters the Redmond company has only managed to ship 1.8 million Surface tablets. One could probably assume this has to do with its expensive price tag of $499 for the base model and $599 with an attachable Touch cover keyboard. In […]

Microsoft Announces Availability Of Surface Windows 8 Pro Tablets, Coming Feb 9th


Microsoft launched the Surface RT tablet in October last year, which didn’t see much success. Today, they’ve announced the availability of the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet, which should see better sales. The Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet is a true productivity device, as it runs the full blown Windows 8 Pro operating system. It’s basically […]

Microsoft Surface Phone Concept Shows Off A Mini Touch Cover, Super AMOLED+ Screen And More [VIDEO]


Ever since Microsoft announced that it would be creating its own tablet called the Surface, it had a lot of people wondering whether or not this meant the Redmond company would begin creating hardware for other products. Microsoft has obviously been known by its software, but a much smoother user experience can be created when […]

Kim Kardashian Beats Justin Bieber In Top BING Searches Of 2012 And Microsoft Shares Its Top 12 Milestones This Year


All the tech giants have had a pretty impressive year in 2012 to say the least and to be honest they have to if they wish to maintain their dominant hold in this aggressive market. One of these companies is Microsoft, which recently detailed all of their milestones in a well-done video that we will get […]

This Unofficial Facebook App For Windows 8 Is Better Than Nothing


Since the launch of Windows 8 (and the Surface, with its Windows RT), there’s been one prominent app that’s been conspicuously missing from the platform: Facebook. For whatever reason, Facebook hasn’t released an official app in either the Windows Store on Windows 8, or the Surface version thereof. No one knows what they have planned, […]