Oprah Tweets How Much She Loves The Microsoft Surface Tablet Via Apple iPad [IMAGE]


Most people who watch Oprah’s talk show do as she instructs, but she’s not always right. Especially when she tweets (via TNW) about her love for Microsoft’s new Surface tablet, from an Apple iPad. Oprah always does giveaways, product promotions and what not on her talk show. Most of her followers blindly do what ever she says […]

Better Than Retina? DisplayMate Tests The Surface RT Against The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad 3


As you may remember, Microsoft’s Surface Team Manager claimed on Reddit that the Surface RT’s 1366 by 768 display could show more detail than the iPad 3’s higher resolution 2048 by 1536 display, due to the Windows RT tablet’s improved contrast ratio, ClearType Font rendering, and lower screen reflectance. Before the Surface was released, DisplayMate […]

Microsoft Reveals How Much Disc Space You Really Have On The Surface RT


Are you the owner of a shiny new Windows Surface RT and you notice that of the 32 GB you have only 16 GB of it is actually free? Don’t worry, you are not alone, many new owners are realizing that half of their storage cannot be used. In response to this Microsoft has released a very […]

Microsoft’s Surface Pre-Orders Go Dry, Shipping Date Slips To Three Weeks


Microsoft started pre-orders for its Surface RT tablet on October 16th, but the Redmond company are already run out of initial stock. The company has been spending a lot of money in advertising the Surface tablet. It is an ARM based tablet and starts at $499 for the 32GB version without the Touch Cover. If you […]

Microsoft Gives The Surface RT A Drop Test [VIDEO]


I’m not going to lie: Microsoft’s Surface Reliability Lab team looks like they have the best tech jobs ever. Just this week we got wind of Steven Sinofsky (President of the Windows and the Windows Live divisions of the company) skateboarding with a Surface RT tablet on wheels. Today the Reliability Lab posted a drop […]

DisplayMate Chimes In On Microsofts’ Claim That The Surface RT’s ClearType Display Is Better Than Retina


You may recall that Microsoft’s Surface Team Manager, Panos Pany, claimed on Reddit that the 1366 by 768 Cleartype display of the Surface RT outperforms the Retina display in perceived detail. Though the iPad 3 has more pixels to display content through, Pany cited reduced screen glare, better contrast, and ClearType font rendering as technologies […]

Microsoft Surface RT Is Now Available For Pre-Order


Earlier today, a pre-order page for Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet went online, but was taken down after a while. In the time it was online, the pricing for its new ARM-based tablet devices were revealed. Now, Microsoft has officially announced that their Surface RT is available for pre-order and will ship on October 26th. According […]

Microsoft Reveals Windows Surface RT Pricing, Starts At $499 For 32GB


After airing the Surface ad on national television, Microsoft let slip the prices of its latest Surface RT tablets. Apparently, the Surface tablet running Windows RT will be available at a really good starting price of $499. That’s without the cool Touch Cover though. Microsoft’s Surface website showed the prices of both its 32GB and […]

Watch Microsoft’s First Ever Official Surface Ad Titled ‘The Surface Movement’ [VIDEO]


Microsoft’s first ever television ad for their new tablet device, the Surface, went live on national TV today. The Surface tablet has received mixed reactions, but most of the them were positive. Microsoft announced the tablet almost 4 months ago and it will be launched on October 26th along with their latest Windows 8 OS. […]

Dummies Leak Approximate Price For Microsoft’s Surface Tablet At ~$300?


Microsoft’s Surface tablet looks to be an intriguing piece of hardware, especially considering it’s provided by a company that is mostly known for releasing software and operating systems. True, Microsoft has released hardware in the past, from the highly successful Xbox game consoles to the forgotten Zune, but the Surface tablets will be the first […]