Microsoft Announces New Surface 2 And Surface Pro 2 Tablets

surface pro 2

Yesterday, at an event in New York, Microsoft announced the successor to its Surface tablets, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. As you all know, the Surface was a tablet running on Windows RT and was intended to take on the Apple iPad. That didn’t go very well and Microsoft had to face a […]

Microsoft Announces Availability Of Surface Windows 8 Pro Tablets, Coming Feb 9th


Microsoft launched the Surface RT tablet in October last year, which didn’t see much success. Today, they’ve announced¬†the availability of the Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet, which should see better sales. The Surface Windows 8 Pro tablet is a true productivity device, as it runs the full blown Windows 8 Pro operating system. It’s basically […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Pricing Announced: 64GB Model Starts At $899


The announcement we’ve all been waiting for since the regular Surface launched has finally arrived: Microsoft has announced on the TechNet blog this morning the pricing and release window for the Surface Pro. After the mediocre reception of the Windows RT operating system that powers the regular Surface, many people are surely keen to see […]

Rumor: Microsoft Surface RT Will Sell For $199 On October 26th


When Microsoft’s new Windows 8 tablet was announced back in June, we never would have guessed it would be going toe-to-toe on pricing with smaller devices like the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. The Surface looked much more like a device that was intended to take on the iPad and its much higher pricing than […]