Apple Is At The Top For Best Computer Tech Support, It Even Beat Its Score From Last Year

Consumer Reports, the magazine people turn to in order to find out what other consumers think about all sorts of products and services, has just announced that Apple has taken the top spot in computer tech support again. It beat out all other computer manufactures and even received a better score than it got last […]

Apple Phone Support Hack: Curse Your Way Out Of Voice Menu Hell


Proving once again that vinegar catches more flies than honey (really), it was recently discovered by a reddit user by the name of floppybutton that Apple’s Phone Tech Support contains hidden verbal cue words that you can activate when you’re stuck in menus. You might know some of the generic tech support power words for […]

OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion AirPlay Compatibility Complaint Thread Dominates Apple’s Support Forum


One of the biggest features in Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is the ability to stream content from a Mac wirelessly to an Apple TV through Airplay Mirroring. Unfortunately this feature only works with specific hardware: the mid 2011 iMac, Mac Mini, and Macbook Air, as well as the MacBook Pro model introduced in […]

Filippo Bigarella Shows Us How NOT To Ask Developers For Product Support


Filippo Bigarella, the homebrew developer behind the popular—and unfortunately often-pirated—Cydia tweak Springtomize 2, has posted an example of how not to get support from independent developers. Here’s the message that an iPhone owner emailed to Bigarella through Cydia’s developer support and reporting feature: “It crashes when I respring the app with the cracked version.” The […]

Outages Seen In Certain Apple Services This Afternoon: iCloud, iMessage, Developers Portal


Some users have reported on Twitter that services like iCloud, iMessage, and Apple’s developers portal were down today. Some users were reporting that the app store is also down. The developers’ portal appears to be back up, but Apple’s Support page still reads “Users may be unable to access iCloud services. Normal service will be […]

Google Now Offering 24/7 Technical Support For Play Store


As you probably already know, Google gets a lot of heat from the public when it comes to technical support, especially since they don’t really even offer it. However, the search engine monster is apparently looking to change that with a big step: 24/7 phone support. Google is now offering users 24/7 technical support for […]

SOPA Just Won’t Die


The plague that is the Stop Online Piracy Act or SOPA, just won’t go away. It appears that talks will continue to occur beginning in February regarding the details and hopefully either complete dismissal or revision of the proposed act. Coming right from the Judicial House an official, let down: Washington, D.C. — House Judiciary Committee Chairman […]

Show Comex Your Support In Less Than One Minute!


Comex has done a lot for the Jailbreaking community. He developed the first iOS 4 Jailbreak in the form of JailbreakMe 2.0, helped in developing numerous untethered Jailbreaks through the iOS 4 firmware generation, and he was even the first to Jailbreak the iPad 2. The amount of time and dedication Comex has put fourth for […]