Apple Retail Store Stats: 300 Million Visitors In 2012, 50,000 Genius Bar Visitors Per Day


Someone at Apple had a sit-down with a writer over at The Loop, and they dropped some knowledge about Apple’s retail stores and the stats thereof. Part of the motivation for Apple to release these impressive figures is no doubt the rumors of layoffs and shift cuts that have been circulating. Last week, Apple claimed […]

How Long Does The Average iOS Beta Period Last? Learn Some Interesting iOS Stats Now [GRAPH]


Are you curious to see how long iOS beta testing periods generally last? Well, if you are then you will be glad to know Will Hains has put together an interactive iOS Version Release Date History graph for you to visualize how long iOS beta testing periods last, and also how long official iOS firmwares […]

Interesting Redbox Video Game Rental Stats [Infographic]


If you’re a fan of the popular Redbox DVD rental service, you probably already know that the company has jumped into the video game rental market as well. It recently decided to take the plunge and start offering video games to its customers, and in just a short time, it has already had a great […]

Apple Announces Some iOS Stats Like 365 Million iOS Devices Sold, 1.5 Trillion Push Notifications And More


Today has been a crazy start to the WWDC 2012 with Apple announcing refreshes to their Mac lineup, a brand new Retina version of the MacBook Pro and also of course discussing OS X Mountain Lion. Now we are moving away from talking about OS X and moving into probably the most anticipated topic for […]

The Apple TV Vs. Boxee Vs. Google TV Vs. Roku Based On Troubleshooting Requests


Are you currently debating which streaming-media box you would like to purchase? There are many choices when it comes to such a device including the Apple TV, Boxee, Google TV and Roku. If you are currently debating between a couple of the devices listed then you may find this breakdown of troubleshooting requests based off […]

iOS Dominates The Market During The Christmas Season [STATS]


As the Xmas season comes to a close, well not quite, three more days till the twelve are up, iOS is dominating the market. In the mobile phone world, the two big players are iOS and Android. During the festive season, the iPhone sold like crazy in AT&T’s retail stores. According to a source inside […]