Springtomize 3 Cydia Tweak Sees Over 300,000 Downloads In A Week


Springtomize 3 was released last week from developer Filippo Bigarella and without a doubt it was one of the most anticipated tweak releases. With that said I bet you would be surprised with the numbers Springtomize 3 has hit only a week after its release. According to a recent blog post by Bigarella the tweak […]

Springtomize 3 Touches Down On Cydia, Grab It Now


One of the most awaited iOS 7 Jailbreak tweaks is probably Springtomize 3. We have kept you updated on its development over the last few weeks and it has finally touched down on Cydia earlier than expected. According to the tweak’s developer, Filippo Bigarella, Springtomize 3 has been rewritten from the ground up, completely re-engineered, and […]

Both Springtomize 3 And CleverPin Will Soon Be Updated For iOS 7

CleverPin iOS 7

When a Jailbreak is released it is a very hectic time for developers, especially when a Jailbreak drops as unexpectedly as Evasi0n7 because usually most tweaks require a complete rewrite when new generations of Apple’s mobile OS is released — especially considering how much of an overhaul iOS 7 was. Two tweaks we still haven’t […]

Springtomize 1.3 Has A 92.1% Piracy Rate, According To Developer Filippo Bigarella


Filippo Bigarella (@FilippoBiga) posted the download stats for Springtomize 1.3 on Twitter yesterday. The developer has tracked the download stats for his apps in the past, but this time the Pirates outweigh the legitimate buyers 92.1% to a pitiful 7.9%. This doesn’t necessarily represent a 92.1% loss in sales. That would imply that if the […]

Customize Every Aspect Of Your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad With The Springtomize 2 Cydia Tweak


When Springtomize was first released it had hundreds of people raving about it. This is because Springtomize integrates numerous Cydia tweaks into one simple and easy to use Cydia tweak. Meaning, for example, you can customize the Statusbar, folders, dock, app labels and so much more all. With this in mind, it is without a […]

Springtomize: The All-In-One-Greatest-Awesome Cydia Tweak For iPhone And iPod Touch


After last weeks post of the preview of the tweak Springtomize, it has finally been released! Springtomize is a Cydia tweak that compiles many popular tweaks, into one. Something perfect I read about it was “In a nutshell, Springtomize is like the Walmart of jailbreak tweaks. Come for eggs, and pick up a new vacuum while you’re […]

‘Springtomize': One Of The Deepest iPhone Jailbreak Tweaks Ever (Coming Soon)


Check out the video below, it’s coming soon and looks to combine a lot of existing Cydia tweaks already available into one application, as well as a few other Cydia tweaks. We’ll keep an eye on Cydia for you and let you know when it’s available.