How To: Restore iPhone 3GS Using SHSHs On File With Cydia, And Jailbreak 3GS With Spirit [Mac]


A couple nights ago I was experimenting on my iPhone 3GS with some new applications from Cydia, when unfortunately one of the applications installed caused my 3GS to have some issues. I tried launching Cydia to un-install, but Cydia constantly crashed. So, I thought SSH’ing and deleting the files… Well, that didn’t help either. I […]

No New iOS 4 Jailbreak Yet, But Devs Still Working Hard

As we heard last week, the iPhone Dev Team have nailed the the iPhone 4 unlock, and are saying they will have it ready to go with the new jailbreak for iOS 4, that comex has been working on. There has never been an official release date for the new jailbreak, but from some fake […]

Cydia App: YourTube HD for iPad


YourTube is a great tweak for iPhone and iPod Touch, that allows you to download and playback YouTube videos, right on your device. The awesome part is, it’s integrated right into the native YouTube app. Now this tweak has been released for iPad and called YourTube HD. You will have to have your iPad jailbroken […]

New Jailbreak for iOS 4, Coming Very Soon!

In a series of Tweets from comex, of the iPhone Dev Team, strong hints were dropped a new jailbreak could be coming very soon. Comex, the dev behind Spirit, has already confirmed that he was working on a new userland exploit, but there has been no release date announced. Today, comex said that he is […]

Spirit Source Code Released

Comex, creator of the Spirit jailbreak, has released his source code to the public. Now other iOS jailbreak devs, can create their own jailbreak tools for iOS 3.1.3, using comex’s code. The exploit used is no good for iOS 4, in it’s current form. Comex has said he might be able to make it work, […]

A Short Interview with Comex [The Developer of Spirit!]


Today I sat down with Comex (the developer of Spirit) for a short while to discuss how he got into the iHacking scene. The interview was interrupted as Comex had to leave to scan through the new 4.0.1 firmware update, however I still thought it would be neat to share the interview with you. I […]

New iOS 4 Jailbreak Confirmed, from iPhone Dev Team


Well, we already knew iPhone 4 was jailbroken with a new exploit found by comex, the guy who brought us the Spirit jailbreak, for iOS 3.1.3. What we didn’t know for sure, is if they were going to release it or not. In a recent post from iPhone Dev Team member, Musclenerd, we have learned […]

The iPhone 4 has been jailbroken… But No Public Release!


Just this morning MuscleNerd Tweeted that the new iOS4 firmware has been jailbroken by PlanetBeing, comex and chpwn. They managed to develop a userland jailbreak that can jailbreak all devices including the iPhone 4, using a modded version of Spirit. The bad news, however is that this jailbreak can not be released because it uses […]

Spirit Jailbreak Tool Fix: iTunes 9.2 Compatibility [Windows]


Spirit is the easiest jailbreak tool for all devices on OS 3.1.3 and 3.2. When Apple released iTunes 9.2, the jailbreak community warned users that iTunes 9.2 is not compatible with the Spirit jailbreak, but is okay to install iTunes 9.2 if you use Pwnage Tool or Redsn0w. A new version of this tool was released which makes Spirit […]

iPhone 4 Jailbroken! New Spirit Coming!

Cydia Screen Shot from an iPhone 4

The iPhone Dev Team have done it again! comex, planetbeing, and musclenerd are reporting on Twitter, that another userland jailbreak, like Spirit, has been found in iOS 4, which will jailbreak all devices running iOS 4, including iPhone 4! Here is a couple of tweets, from the team: Planetbeing: Think I’m the first one I […]