Protect Yourself On Public Wi-Fi Networks With Cloak [Deals]


Believe it or not when you are using public Wi-Fi, your information is less secure than you might think. When you’re on public Wi-Fi — like at coffee shops, airports, hotels, or conferences — anybody can see what you’re doing online. If you visit sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,, and thousands of others, your privacy […]

Check Out The Ultimate Data Recovery Tool For The iPhone & iPad [Deals]


Never worry about losing your iOS data again! With iOS Recovery Pro you can quickly and easily recover deleted data which you thought was lost forever from your iPhone or iPad. In addition, this powerful software enables you to view existing data on your Mac in an easy to manage interface. It couldn’t be easier […]

Clean Up Your Messy iTunes Library With Tunes Cleaner For Mac [Deals]


Unless you purchase all of your music from the iTunes Store your iTunes library is probably cluttered with duplicate songs, as multiple spellings for one artist, and is a mess to deal with. It’s no secret that dealing with iTunes can stink at times and is why we’re proud to bring this great piece of software […]

Prizmo 2 Is The Ultimate Scanning App For Your Mac [Deals]


Have you ever needed to scan a document, but didn’t have access to a scanner? What if you could take a picture of what you needed with a digital camera or your smartphone, and create a perfect scan? With OCR technology, you can. OCR, or Optical Character Recognition is changing the way we scan and import images, and […]

The Summer 2013 Mac Bundle: 10 Elite Mac Apps For Only $49.99 Including Parallels 8 And Typinator [LAST CHANCE]


It isn’t every day that you have a chance to pick up nearly $500′ worth of 10 elite Mac apps for only $49.99. As such, it is important that you pay close attention for the next few minutes, as you don’t want to miss out on this extraordinary 90% off offer that is ending in the next 10 hours or […]

Get $150 Worth Of Mac Apps FREE With The Mac Freebie Bundle 2.0 [Deals]


It isn’t everyday that we are able to offer a Mac software bundle that is completely FREE, but today is one of those rare exceptions. We are currently offering the Mac Freebie Bundle 2.0 to our readers that comes with 10 apps to enhance your design, photography and productivity. Just what applications are included in […]

Turn Your Mac Into An Entertainment Powerhouse With These 3 Apps [Deals]


Is your Mac lacking entertainment? If so, now you can turn your Mac into an entertainment powerhouse with the Mac Media Mini Bundle. This bundle includes 3 Mac apps by the name of MusicTube, MiniTube and Musique. Just what do these applications do? Take a look below: MusicTube: There’s finally an application that allows you to […]

Increase Your Productivity With Clarify [Deals]


With Clarify you can get your point across the first time without having to send multiple followup emails or make a screen recording. You know how painful it can be when a customer or team member doesn’t understand your instructions. Clarify solves this issue by making it easy to communicate with images. It’s screen capture software […]

Transfer Files To Your iOS Device Without Being Limited By iTunes With DiskAid [Deals]


Have you ever tried to transfer a file to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad only to be disappointed that iTunes wouldn’t let you? Well, you can say goodbye to this problem forever with DiskAid! Imagine unbridled file transfer between any computer and your iOS devices, without the authorization limits imposed by iTunes. Sound complex […]

Save Yourself Time And Money With Moneydance For Mac [Deals]


If you are struggling to stay on top of your finances then you should recruit the help of software. We all know keeping track of your money isn’t an easy thing to do. With the help of Mondaydance, however, it can be. Moneydance gives you a complete financial management solution so you can pay your bills, […]