Send Videos Over Three Minutes In Length Through SMS Or iMessage With These Two Cydia Tweaks


If you have ever tried to send a video that is over three minutes in length to someone through SMS then were probably disappointed to find out that it isn’t possible. Well, if you are Jailbroken you will be glad to know a tweak has been released recently that removes this limitation completely. The tweak […]

Google Glass Will Support GPS Navigation And SMS On The iPhone After all

It has been a known fact that the iPhone will be compatible with Google Glass, but some of its top features such as turn-by-turn navigation and text messaging have required a companion app. This companion app is currently only available on Android, and this worried a lot iPhone owners interested in Glass. If this sounds […]

Call SMS Recipients By Simply Raising iPhone To Ear With The RaiseToCall Cydia Tweak

raisetocall cyida tweak ijailbreak

Sometimes, when you’re writing a text message or SMS to a friend, you want to call them. Normally you would have to scroll to the top of the thread, find their number and then place a call. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just call them by using your telepathic abilities? Jokes apart, here’s […]

BiteSMS 7.1 Released, Includes iOS 6 Support, CLI Supports iMessage, Licenses 50% Off


‘Tis the season for iOS 6 compatibility updates! BiteSMS was recently updated to version 7.0 with support for iOS 6 (with 7.1 quickly released afterwards to fix bugs introduced into the iOS 5 version). The new version introduces the ability to send iMessage texts through the command-line interface, though it only seems to work in iOS 6. […]

SMSOptions Pro Allows For Deleting All SMS Messages, Hiding Posts, And Automatic Replies [Cydia Tweak]


Be honest: how often do you make voice calls with your cell phone compared to texts? Texts are easy to send and they can be read discretely at any time. Aside from voice calls, they are the only form of communication guaranteed to work between (almost) any cell phone. So why is the iPhone’s native […]

Remote Messages Cydia Utility Allows Access To iMessage And SMS Through A Desktop Browser


If you’re using a Mac, and you notice your iPhone buzz, replying to iMessage through your computer can be a lot easier than replying by opening your iPhone–unfortunately this only works with Mac computers and only through the iMessage protocol unless you’re sending SMS texts through AIM. It would be better if you could get […]

How To: Quickly Send An iMessage As A Text Message When Experiencing Problems


iMessage is a great service that allows you to send messages to other iOS devices through a Wi-Fi network. This avoids having to use up your text message allotment, and can additionally help you avoid roaming charges. It of course also allows iPod Touch and iPad users to take part in Apple’s messaging experience. As we […]

Dial Allows You To Make Phone Calls And Texts Anywhere [Cydia Tweak]


Here’s the thing about your iPhone: it’s a phone. Shouldn’t you always have immediate access to the dialer for phone calls and texts? Normally when you want to call someone, you have to exit to the SpringBoard, select the phone icon, and then switch over to the keypad to make a call. That’s a lot […]

ImmediateSend Allows You To Quickly Send Text Messages On The iPhone From Anywhere [Cydia Tweak]


Hate loading iMessage to send texts and free messages to other Apple devices? ImmediateSend is a tweak that allows you to skip the clutter and instead reply to messages from anywhere. See a message on your lockscreen? Instead of going to iMessage, Immediate send allows to you reply to that message instantly and will mark […]

Track Your iPhone, iPad, Or iPod Touch Messaging With SMS Stats Cydia App


Most carriers provide an app for monitoring airtime, data, SMS texts, and paying bills, but the information provided on texts is generally limited to SMS messages sent through your carrier and only gives you a running total. If you won’t have access to WiFi or mobile broadband, you may be interested in knowing your monthly […]