Apple Could Be Looking Into An Inductive Smart Cover To Wirelessly Charge The 5th Generation iPad


The iPad Smart Cover is an accessory that most iPad owners have with them. What if the Smart Cover could actually charge your iPad while it is not in use however? AppleInsider has recently brought our attention to an Apple patent filed in 2011 that could hint that Apple is actively investigating wireless charging for […]

Whoever Is The First To Make This iPhone Smart Cover Will Net Some Serious Cash [IMAGE]


The Smart Case/Smart Cover is one of the only accessories I have for my iPad, besides an InvisibleSHIELD, because it is really the only accessory you need. It serves as adequate protection from minor bumps and scratches and also acts as a stand. The only really other accessory than an iPad owner might want to […]

Apple Releases A Video Showcasing The Smart Cover On The iPad Mini


The iPad Mini is an extraordinary device that Apple released earlier today, which will be available on Friday to pre-order. Although we technically already knew Apple would be unveiling the iPad Mini at its special event today, it is a relief to see that all those reports, rumors and mockups we reported on were not […]

Apple Patent Shows Off New Super Smart Cover With Flexible Display, Built-In Keyboard, Solar Panels


The iPad’s Smart Cover is a really nice accessory to have, and although it doesn’t really protect your iPad from falls, it does protect the screen. According to a new Apple patent, there may be another Super Smart Cover in development. A Smart Cover with a flexible display, a built-in keyboard and inductive solar charging […]

The Nexus 7 Has A Magnetic “Smart Cover” Sensor, Cue Litigation? [VIDEO]


We know that Google is gunning for tablet supremacy with the Nexus 7. It seems that the Asus-Google jointly produced tablet has snagged another feature from Apple’s giant. The Nexus 7 apparently has a sensor, similar to the sensor in the iPad which allows the screen to lock or unlock depending on the position of […]

New iPad (3rd-Generation) Not Compatible With All Smart Covers


It appears that some of the newer Smart Covers and magnet-based cases aren’t working properly with the new iPad. The front dimensions of the new 3rd-generation iPad are exactly the same as the iPad 2’s, which led people to assume that iPad 2 Smart Covers would continue to work on the newer model. However, iLounge […]

Genius Or Just Asking For It To Be Stolen


I am just going to let this picture describe everything. Hanging your iPad 2 and a third-party Smart Cover from a metal transit bar, so you can enjoy a movie hands free, is it stupidity or pure genius? Tell us what you think in the comments below. [Via MicGadget]

TidyTilt Is A Smart Cover For Your iPhone And iPod Touch


The Apple iPad 2 was the first device to be released with a SmartCover, which is an Apple designed cover to protect the iPad from scratches and minor bumps. It’s called a SmartCover because it is smart, it protects your iPad and also acts as a stand. But, Apple decided to make this product only […]

Walmart Offering Accessory Bundle With iPad 2


Walmart has listed all sizes and varieties of the iPad 2 with a “Starter Accessory” which includes either a Powerline Quartet 4-port USB wall charger or your choice of a 1st-generation iPad 2 cover. The covers are $20 off their regular price when added in this bundle promotion. So if you want to save some money […]

iPad 2 Unlock Glitch – Apple Smart Cover


A bug has just been discovered for iPads with the Apple Smart Cover. They can be unlocked without the passcode. Literally, you first lock it. Then, you hold down the top button until it says “Slide To Shutdown”. Close the smart cover. Re-open it. Tap Cancel, and bravo, you’re in! You can fix this, by […]