Watch Siri Control A House With Help From SiriProxy And A Raspberry Pi [VIDEO]

SiriProxy on Raspberry Pi Home Automation Control

This isn’t the first time that someone has used Siri to control things in their house, but this one is much cooler. A certain gentleman used Siri on his iPhone 5 to control his garage door, lights in the living room, TV, thermostat and the alarm system. No, it’s not a fake. This YouTube user […]

This Guy Made Siri Control The Philips Hue Lights In His House [VIDEO]


The Philips Hue is a smart bulb that can be controlled using your iOS device and is available for purchase directly from Apple. Using the bulbs and the wireless bridge that comes in the Starter Pack, you can control the lighting, create custom lighting settings that suit your needa and more. Brandon Evans decided to […]

SiriProxy And ioBridge Allows For Automated Appliances


Running around your entire house near bedtime to insure your lights are all off, fireplace is turned down, and your lovely display of Christmas lights are off have you too tired? Well look at what your favourite voice assistant can help you do! With the help of ioBridge, which is a small module that allows you to web-enable […]