Auxo 3 For iOS 8 Releasing Next Week, Teaser Shows What Is New


Here’s some good news for all those who have been waiting for the release of Auxo for iOS 8. Sentry, the creator of Auxo, just confirmed that he will be submitting the tweak to Cydia next week. This means that it should also be available for download on Cydia next week. Auxo for iOS 8 looks great […]

Apex 2 Cydia Tweak Teased By Sentry, Lets You Group Apps Together

apex 2 cydia

A3tweaks developer Sentry will soon release a new version of the app grouping tweak Apex on Cydia. If you haven’t heard of Apex, it is a tweak that lets you group apps together and reveal them using swipe gestures. The new version, aptly called Apex 2, brings support to iOS 7. With the use of […]

Upcoming Cydia Tweak Anemo Add’s Quick Reply To iOS


It looks like theres a silky smooth Quick Reply tweak coming soon to Cydia near you called Anemo. The tweak was featured by Sentry as a concept and then quickly rose in popularity. The tweak is designed by well-known iOS designer Sentry and programmed by John Corbett. Once you install the Anemo tweak theres no […]

Check Out This New Rethought Folder System From Sentry And A3Tweaks That Is Coming Soon


Whenever the master designer Sentry and the company A3Tweaks are working on a new tweak, you know it is going to be something good! iFans have discovered a preview of a new tweak that is in the works by A3Tweaks that although is yet to be named, looks absolutely stunning. Essentially what the tweak does […]

Luna Cydia Tweak Released, Allows You To Easily Toggle Do Not Disturb Mode With A Simple Gesture [VIDEO]


The time is finally here! That is right, Luna has finally been released for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. For those that missed our previous coverage on Luna’s development, the tweak allows you to enable and disable Do Not Disturb Mode directly from the Lockscreen or Notification Centre with a simple pull down gesture. […]

This Is The Cydia You Have Been Longing For [Concept]


From the concept designer @Sentry we have all come to appreciate — for not only some of his badass renderings of future iOS functionality, but for his work on the Auxo Cydia tweak — comes something new! Sentry has uploaded pictures of an unfinished project, which he dubs “iTweak Store” that shows how Cydia could look […]

Another Concept Of The iOS App Switcher From The Designer Behind Auxo [VIDEO]


When you think of multitasking on an mobile device, you will realize there have been many takes on it by various operating systems. On iOS you have horizontally scrolling app icons (otherwise know as the App Switcher), Android uses a cards-like interface and BlackBerry has a multitasking panel. There are no doubt a lot of […]

‘New Concept’ Vertical Settings Bar On Lock Screen [VIDEO]

iOS Lock Screen Toggles

From the developer Sentry, who designed Auxo, comes another nice idea, but this time it has to do with the lock screen. This new concept gives iPad and iPhone users a vertical settings bar with a number of toggles by swiping from the right side of the device’s screen. It looks like some of the […]

Check Out This New iOS Multitasking Concept By Designer Of Auxo Tweak [VIDEO]

iOS Quick-App-Switching Concept

Apple has stuck to the same old method of multitasking since first introducing it with the launch of iOS 4. To multitask or switch between applications in iOS, you will have to double click the Home button, which then reveals the App Switcher. You can get a different App Switcher if you’re jailbroken and can […]

How Do Not Disturb Mode Could Implement Alerts While Your Device Is Still In Use [Video]


A few days ago we brought to your attention a great concept by Sentry (the mastermind behind Auxo) for iOS 6’s Do Not Disturb functionality. For those that missed it, essentially it allowed you to easily enable Do Not Disturb Mode on the fly through the Notification Center by using a simple pull down gesture, like when you […]