Apple’s Attempts To Shut Down In-App Purchase Circumvention Continue


A Russian hacker named Alexey Borodin has become a serious bee in Apple’s bonnet. Recently, he created a service that allows App Store users to circumvent the Apple authentication server, and get in-app purchases for free. Over this past weekend, Apple has made moves to shut him down, but have been seemingly unsuccessful in doing […]

Russian Designer Anton Kudin Shows Off iPhone UI Concept “Fold To Unlock”


Anton Kudin, a Russian graphic designer living in Krasnodar who specializes in user interface and web design, posted an iPhone interface concept called “fold to unlock iOS style” on the image sharing site dribbble (think Instagram for graphic designers). In the fold to unlock concept, instead of sliding a bar across the iPhone’s lock screen, the […]

The Apple iPad Is Now Classified As A Personal Computer In Russia [Report]


From Russia with love, the Apple iPad has been classified as a personal computer! Why you ask? Apparently, reclassifying the iPad a personal computer in the country will cut down 5 percent of the import taxes on it. This is a good news for all those who’re planning to buy an iPad, as the removal […]

Siri Might Learn Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, And Russian Next Month [Rumor]


According to a new report from a Chinese technology website, DoNews, Apple is currently polishing and testing some new languages for Siri. The report suggest that Siri will support Mandarin Chinese and few other new languages, as soon as next month. The iPhone 4S recently went on sale in China, which is obviously a very […]

ElcomSoft Has Broken iOS 4 Encryption!


With the introduction of the iOS 4 firmware generation Apple brought about 256-bit hardware encryption for all iDevices. This move by Apple made their iDevices nearly 100% impenetrable; making all iDevices running the iOS 4 firmware safe for use in the corporate and government sectors. That is until now. You see, a Russian forensics firm, […]