Russian Folks Remotely Control An Opel Vectra Using An iPad [VIDEO]


We’ve seen the Apple iPad being used in cars before, for entertainment and even to control a car. The iPad was recently used to control a Nissan Leaf, which was actually pretty impressive. And now, some Russian folks have managed to do the same, but this time it’s much more fun. With the RobotCar UK […]

Pornography And Escort Services Make Their Way On To The Russian iTunes Store [Viewer Discretion Is Advised]


Steve Jobs controversially said, “if you want porn, you can buy an Android phone.” What he should of said however, was if you want porn, download the Russian version of iTunes. As 9to5mac points out, “in Soviet Russia, Porn blocks Apple.” Or at least seems to have slipped past the fruit company’s barrier for the […]

Less Than 1% Of American Smartphones Have Malware, Compared To 40% Of Russian Smartphones


If you’ve seen the kind of smartphones they’re using in Russia, you’d be excused for thinking they’re in pretty much the same boat as North Americans as far as cyber-security goes. They have most of the same Android devices, as well as an abundance of iPhones. According to a report from mobile security researchers Lookout, […]

Apple Planning To Open Two Retail Locations In Russia By 2013


Apple’s plans for global domination are proceeding as planned, it would appear. The Moscow News is reporting that Apple has registered a Russian company called Apple Rus, and is preparing to begin direct sales in the country. For now, they’ve assigned their Russian legal counsel as the director of their new company, and will be searching […]

Russian Proxy Server Cracks In-App Purchases Without Requiring A Jailbreak


Opponents of jailbreaks claim that jailbreaking is only used for software piracy. Those of us who have had jailbroken phones in 2007, before Apple launched its own App Store, know that this is not necessarily the case. Nevertheless, it is a fact that a lot of iPhone users turn to jailbreaking to access commercial apps without compensating […]

FPSRussia Adds A Sub-Machine Gun To An iPad Controlled Quadrocopter, Calls it Sharleen [VIDEO]


This time of the year is the best time to prepare yourself for the war that is upon us. It’s either going to be the zombies, the vampires, the Decepticons or the aliens from Mars who want our mothers. If you have an Apple iPad and some extra cash to spend, then you can be […]

First Fake Angry Birds, Now Fake Instagram! Be Careful Where You Get Your Android Apps

Facebook Instagram

April has been a big month for Instagram. The popular sharing service was bought by Facebook for $1 billion dollars, shortly after opening their platform to Android devices. Now the app that allows smartphone users to add a little extra to their amateur photography was used to deliver a little extra to unsuspecting Android users. Sophos’ blog […]

The Apple iPad Is Now Classified As A Personal Computer In Russia [Report]


From Russia with love, the Apple iPad has been classified as a personal computer! Why you ask? Apparently, reclassifying the iPad a personal computer in the country will cut down 5 percent of the import taxes on it. This is a good news for all those who’re planning to buy an iPad, as the removal […]

The iPhone 4S Will Be Launched In Russia, Brazil And Other Countries Starting December 16th


It is no doubt that the iPhone 4S has turned quite a lot of heads, and there is no question that this is mostly because of Apple’s voice recognition technology Siri. With Siri by the iPhone 4S’ side, upgraded hardware and the usual extraordinary marketing by Apple, it seems like everyone wants one. Now, although […]