iOSEinstein Is A Newton Emulator For iOS, Now On Cydia


If you’re using your new iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, all highly successful Apple products, you might not think about the Apple handheld which didn’t catch on to the same degree. The Newton was really a revolutionary device that was released before its time; it was even capable of half-decent handwriting recognition. A new emulator, iOSEinstein, can […]

Why I Love Cyanogen Mod


Cyanogen is a custom rom available for a bunch of devices, from Motorola, HTC, etc. You can see a full list at Basically it allows you to theme, customize, overclock and get the most out of your device. Buy why would you use a custom rom? For me, I wanted a Gingerbread experience without […]

[GUIDE] How to root HTC Desire HD & install S-OFF and Clockwork Recovery


The following guide will guide you through how to root the HTC Desire HD in order to get superuser access, as well as then how to get S-OFF in order to flash radio images. 1) Download Paul’s Visionary+ tool 1.1) Click here to download…ne-click-root/ or download it from here…3&d=1290501865 1.2) Install Visionary+ on […]