Is The BlackBerry Z10 Worth It?

BlackBerry Z10

As many of you will know, BlackBerry 10, the much anticipated new operating system for the Canadian company BlackBerry, was released just over a week ago. At the event, two phones were unveiled: The full touchscreen Z10 smartphone, and the the touch and type Q10 smartphone, with a QUERTY keyboard. The Z10 went on sale […]

BlackBerry Z10 Pit Against Apple iPhone 5, Performs Quite Well [VIDEO]


RIM is all set to announce its latest BlackBerry OS 10 and new devices running BB10 later this month. The company has been in the turmoil lately, but with BlackBerry 10 and the new devices, things are about to change for them. How does the BlackBerry Z10 running a test build of BB10 perform against […]

The Blackberry Playbook Has Been Jailbroken Thanks To A Soon To Be Released “DingleBerry” Jailbreaking Tool


Today Engadget is reporting that RIM’s (Research In Motion) Blackberry Playbook has just been Jailbroken. This means that hackers have been able to gain root access to the Blackberry operating system that is being run on the Playbook. This allows any developer/hacker to have complete access to anything on that particular Playbook. The creators of this […]

RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook VS The Apple iPad!


If you have not yet heard about RIM’s new tablet called the BlackBerry Playbook, you are about to. It is no doubt that some of Apple’s biggest rivals are RIM (blackberry), Google and Microsoft. Apple has pretty much ran the tablet industry for the last year, with little to no competition. Is this about to […]