Will There Ever Be A Functional Nintendo 64 Emulator For iOS?

I am a big fan of emulators running on iOS. Thanks to ZodTTD, “that being who makes emulators on the iPhone”; it is possible to play Super Nintendo (with snes4iphone), PlayStation (through psx4iphone) and even Sega Genesis – using the genesis4iphone app – on a jailbroken device. But, what about Nintendo 64? I don’t know […]

[iJailbreak’s Toolkit] 5 Must-Have Cydia Tweaks And Utilities For Retro Gamers–2012

Do you play classic games on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch? Carrying around hundreds of games with you can be very handy on a long plane ride, especially without the need to keep all those tiny cartridges on hand–but a touch screen tablet isn’t the best platform for playing oldschool console-style games. On-screen overlay […]