Apple Launches 12-Inch Retina MacBook With New Butterfly Keyboard, Force Touch TrackPad, New Colors And More

Apple’s Spring Forward event has concluded and a lot of things were announced. The biggest announcement was the all new MacBook. As rumored, Apple unveiled a 12-inch MacBook with Retina display, an edge-to-edge keyboard and a Force Touch TrackPad clad in Gold, Space Black or Silver. CEO Tim Cook said that they wanted to reinvent the […]

How To: Enable Full 2880 By 1800 Resolution On Retina MacBook Pro With Change Resolution App

Earlier today we told you about a tool called SetRes that would allow you to enable the Retina MacBook Pro’s full 2880 by 1800 resolution. Although some might argue this is useless because the UI becomes so small, it can be useful if you plan on connecting your MacBook Pro to a large external display; […]

Use This Tool To Enable Full 2880 By 1800 Resolution On The Retina MacBook Pro

Apple’s next generation MacBook Pro has a super high resolution Retina display that makes you stare at it for a long time. You’ve already seen how games such as Skyrim run on the beautiful display, but the problem is that one cannot actually use the full 2880×1800 resolution of the display. The Retina MacBook Pro […]

Apple’s New Third-Generation iPad (WiFi + 4G LTE) Review

Last Friday some people saw another great product launched by Apple, others were blown away by the advancements, and some others were totally disappointed. Now for those who were disappointed I am guessing it would be due to the lack of full Siri integration, or just a dual-core processor instead of the rumored quad-core A6? […]

Download iPadRetinaSimulator To Test Apps On Next-Gen iPad Retina Display [Developers Only]

Earlier this week we told you that the developers of the game Food Chase shared what their game was going to look like on an iPad Retina display. If you took a look through that article then you would have realized the difference was quite substantial; as it should be. As if the next generation iPad […]

How To: Get The Retina Display Cydia Icon on Your iPhone 4

When first launched, it included a nice hi-res Cydia icon for the Retina Display of the iPhone 4. When some issues arose with the site, somehow the hi-res icon got left out, and iPhone 4 users were stuck with a low-res, pixelated icon. This will be addressed in an upcoming update to Cydia, but […]