The Way Apple Sells The iPhone In Its Retail Stores Will Soon Be Changing Due To Competition

Competition is a wonderful thing. It not only forces companies to keep on innovating, but it sometimes also pays off for the end user. Today 9To5Mac brings to light a secretive summit at San Francisco’s Fort Mason where Apple Retail Store Leaders from across the globe met to talk about how the Fruit Company can increase […]

Apple Stores, The Banks Of Today…


Apple Retail Stores are becoming the banks of today, what I mean by that is Apple products are now being stolen just like how banks were robbed back in the day. Within the last year about 10 Apple Stores have been targeted and had their entire showcase of iOS devices and Macs were stolen. A few […]

Apple’s Vice President Of Retail Jerry McDougal Resigns, Wants To Spend Time With Family


Late last year, Apple announced a major change to its executive management team. SVP of iOS Software, Scott Forstall and Head of Retail, John Browett, both left Apple. Now, the Vice President of Retail, Jerry McDougal has also resigned from the company, reports IFOAppleStore. Apparently, he wanted to spend more time with this family and […]

Apple Introduces Security Dock Connector Lock At Retail Stores For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


According to Apple Insider, Apple has been rolling out specialty anti-theft dock connectors for the display devices at retail stores. The cables look like ordinary dock connectors, adside from the “lock” logo on the front, as seen on the iPhone lock screen. These cables replace the typical method of attaching a separate security cable to […]

Windows 8 Pro Pricing Announced: $70 Until Jan 2013, $200 After That


So we’ve already heard a lot about Windows 8’s upgrade options, which for existing Windows users will be a quite affordable $40 online purchase. There’s also the box copies of Windows 8, though, and we haven’t heard much about pricing on those. The Verge is now reporting that they’ve got the full scoop on retail […]

Apple Retail Store Stats: 300 Million Visitors In 2012, 50,000 Genius Bar Visitors Per Day


Someone at Apple had a sit-down with a writer over at The Loop, and they dropped some knowledge about Apple’s retail stores and the stats thereof. Part of the motivation for Apple to release these impressive figures is no doubt the rumors of layoffs and shift cuts that have been circulating. Last week, Apple claimed […]

Other Brands Starting To Catch On To Apple’s Simple Approach To Retail


Today I ventured to Burnaby’s Metropolis in Metrotown mall in suburban Vancouver, to pick up a MacBook Air, and after experiencing the pleasant nature of an Apple Store, I decided afterwards I would also check out the brand new Samsung Store that just recently opened. This is actually Samsung’s first retail store in Canada, and by […]

Apple Employees Are Loyal, But Short On Pay Considering They Sell $473,000 Of Apple Products A Year


A few days ago we told you that Apple started a new employee discount program and also gave employees a raise of about 30%. Even with this raise and the new employee discount program, the New York Times has outlined that Apple still isn’t paying their retail workers enough. You see, on average an Apple retail […]

Apple Retail Stores Perform 17 Times Better Than Regular Stores In The U.S


The best way to buy an Apple product is to visit a nearby Apple Store. Why? Well, you get a first hand demo of the product that you’re interested in buying, you can talk to the employees and know more about the product. Of course, it’s much easier if you just buy it online, however, […]

The New iPad Available In Apple Stores Friday March 16th At 8AM


It is definitely great to have people working in retail who are willing to sacrifice their job just to help out a technology blog. It looks like one of 9to5mac’s retail friends has sent them artwork from his Apple Store showing that the new iPad will be available at 8 AM this Friday, March 16th. This […]