How To: Create A Cydia Repository On Windows


In this tutorial from you will learn how to create a simple Cydia repository on the Windows operating system using a web hosting service, some MS-DOS scripts, and 7-zip. Note #1: This tutorial is just for testing/learning purpose, and I am assuming you already have a .deb package done. Note #2: Click here for […]

Walkie Talkie DX: Send Voice And Text Messages Over Bluetooth On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Cydia Tweak]


The Walkie Talkie DX Cydia application allows you to send voice and text messages over Bluetooth. The Walkie Talkie DX app simply requires both iDevices to be connected through an active Bluetooth connection, and you will be able to reliably maintain a conversation over Bluetooth. Note: This Cydia application will work on the iPhone, iPod […]

MultiNoteDelete: Delete Multiple Notes At Once On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Cydia Tweak]


If you have ever had to delete a lot of notes off your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad I am sure you have found it an agonizing process; as you have to delete each note individually. With the MultiNoteDelete Cydia tweak, however, you can actually delete multiple notes at once by simply selecting them. A […]

iSendContact: Send Contact Information Via SMS On iPhone [Cydia Tweak]


Have you wished there was a quick and easy way to send someone contact information? Well if you have, you will be glad to know that recently a tweak has come into Cydia called iSendContact that will quickly allow you to send contact information via an SMS message. The iSendContact tweak also grants you the […]

MobiShield: Anti-Virus And Security Software For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Cydia/AppStore]


MobiShield is a new application that has entered Cydia that allows you to check a variety of information on your iDevice such as your IP address, ram status and battery status. MobieShield’s main features include a Security Scanner which checks for security flaws on your iDevice, Battery monitoring which displays graphical battery information, Memory usage […]

Alphacon: Adjust SpringBoard Icon Transparency On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [Cydia Tweak]


The Alphacon Cydia tweak allows you to set the alpha (transparency) levels of all your application icons. This is done by changing the value of the slider inside the; you can change the transparency of your icons to nearly invisible or just barely transparent. With the Alphacon tweak you can also completely hide the […]

RemovedSound: Empty Trash Sound When Deleting An App, Email, Note On iPhone [Cydia Tweak]


The RemovedSound Cydia tweak will make deleting apps off your SpringBoard a more lively process. In the fact that whenever you delete an app, mail or note with the RemovedSound tweak on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, an “empty trash” sound will be played. Note: This tweak does not include an icon or any settings visible on the SpringBoard; options can be […]

LaunchConfirm Cydia Tweak: Confirm Before Launching An App [VIDEO]


With the LaunchConfirm Cydia tweak you can confirm the action of launching an app, before actually launching it. Meaning if you click an app on your SpringBoard a window will appear asking you if you would like to the launch the application. If you did want to launch the application you can click the Launch […]

NYC Flood Zones: New York City Hurricane Evacuation Zones [Cydia App]


The NYC Flood Zones Cydia application provides up-to-date information on evacuation zones (flood zones) from the NYC OEM. If you are currently residing in New York and would like an easy way to find up to date information on the 2011 Irene Hurricane, NYC Flood Zones is the Cydia app for you. Note: This app […]

Compass For Maps: Display Compass In The [Cydia Tweak]


With the Compass For Maps Cydia tweak you can display a compass overlay on the default on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The compass will display your approx direction while using the to navigate to your destination. Note: The tweak has no configurable options and is compatible with the Speed For Maps tweak. […]