Rumor: Samsung Plans To Announce The Galaxy S IV In April, Codenamed ‘Project J’


With all the Apple gadgets we could possibly have expected this year now hitting the market, the rumor mill is switching gears, and we’re starting to hear more and more about a possible successor to the Galaxy S III. We’ve already heard some possible specs for a rumored Galaxy S IV, which include a big, […]

Gameloft Announces December 6 Release Date For Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour


After a months-long marketing campaign of trailers and dev diaries, mobile developer Gameloft has finally spilled the beans on when they’ll be releasing Modern Combat 4. It’s a bit of a last minute announcement, as they said in a tweet early this morning that the game would be available for iOS devices on December 6 – that’s this Thursday! […]

iPhone 5, iPad Mini Coming To China Next Month


Traditionally, there’s been a pretty big delay between the release of new Apple gadgets in the Western world and the release of those same gadgets in China. Many affluent Chinese people have taken to importing them through semi-legal channels instead of  waiting for the official release, which has lead to a big grey market of […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Pricing Announced: 64GB Model Starts At $899


The announcement we’ve all been waiting for since the regular Surface launched has finally arrived: Microsoft has announced on the TechNet blog this morning the pricing and release window for the Surface Pro. After the mediocre reception of the Windows RT operating system that powers the regular Surface, many people are surely keen to see […]

A White Version Of The Nexus 4 Will Arrive On December 13

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If you’re in the market for a new Nexus device, but don’t really want the current sparkly black Nexus 4, we’ve got some good news for you: a white version of the Nexus 4 is coming. The news was spoilered by the UK mobile retailer TalkTalk, though they have since removed the preorder page that […]

Artists Asked To Provide Images, Prepare For The Arrival Of iTunes 11 Shortly


In what may be confirmation of the imminent release of iTunes 11, Apple is asking record labels and distributors to provide artist imagery for the new version of iTunes. MacRumors has posted a letter from the German distribution house Feiyr, in which they ask their artists for the requisite imagery. According to the letter, iTunes 11 […]

New iMacs Not Delayed After All, Though Supply Shortages Exist


It looks like the earlier rumors about the new iMac being delayed until 2013 are a false alarm after all. There was much ado last week about apparent supply chain shortages, and how they might result in the release date of the new iMac getting pushed back into the new year. That appears to all be […]

New iMacs Might Not Reach Apple Stores Until 2013


We heard last month from Apple CEO Tim Cook that the new iMac was facing significant shortages, and might be somewhat delayed in its arrival. Now, it looks like it might not make it in time for the holiday shopping season at all. According to a French Mac blog, the new iMac will be delayed […]

HTC Unveils The Droid DNA, A 5-inch, 1080p Android Smartphone [IMAGE]


Remember last month when HTC unveiled the J Butterfly, an incredible 1080p smartphone that would only be available in Japan, and we all got super jelly? Everyone outside of Japan can stop turning green, because HTC has now announced a similarly powerful phone that will be available in North America (and probably elsewhere). It’s called the […]

Starting Today, The iPhone 5 Is Available In 22 More Countries Around The World


Apple launched the iPhone 5 in US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and the UK on September 21st. So far the sales have been pretty good and the company managed to sell about 5 Million iPhone 5’s during the launch weekend. The number would have been higher if not for shortage in supply. […]