Apple Stock Hits Another Record High Following Victory Over Samsung


Apparently becoming the most valuable company in history wasn’t good enough for Apple. They hit an even higher record today, no doubt due in part to their decisive win over Samsung before the weekend. Apple stock opened at $680 this morning, beating the $660 record that made them the most valuable company ever. Their market cap also […]

Apple’s Market Cap Reaches Record High, Becomes Most Valuable Company In History


If you took a quick look at a stock ticker this morning, you may have noticed Apple is doing pretty well right now. They’re up a couple of percentage points, and looks like they’re on a pretty strong upward trend right now. Cool. If you looked closer, however, you might have noticed something a bit […]

Blizzard Sets PC Launch Record With Diablo III


Blizzard Entertainment announced in a press release today that their new game, Diablo III, set a launch record for PC games. In 24 hours, it sold 3.5 million copies, which doesn’t include the 1.2 million copies Blizzard gave away in a promotion for annual passes to World of Warcraft. Like World Of Warcraft’s expansions, Diablo […]