Apple’s Q1 2013 Report: 2 Million Apple TV’s Sold, iCloud Users Grow To 250 Million


During Apple’s Q1 2013 Earnings Call that took place yesterday, Tim Cook revealed some details on Apple TV sales and iCloud users. Apple made $54.5 billion in revenue in Q1 2013, which is more than what it made last year and also beats Wall Street Journals predictions. The company made $13.1 billion in profit, which […]

Apple Narrowly Beats Wall Street’s Predictions For Q1 2013 With $54.5 Billion In Revenue And $13.1 Billion In Profit

Today Apple has announced its Q1 2013 earnings and the fruit company managed another record breaking quarter, while just barely beating Wall Street’s predictions. Apple made a $13.1 billion profit while seeing a whopping $54.5 billion in revenue. This narrowly beats last years profit of $13.06 billion and $46.33 billion in revenue. Apple sold 47.8 million […]

Apple Will Announce Its Q1 Earnings For 2013 On January 23


It’s a new year and Apple has already announced the date for its first Earnings Call of the year, 2013. Last year was a pretty good year for Apple to say the least, the company launched a new taller iPhone 5, the iPad Mini, new iPod Touch and Nano, the redesigned iMac and the 13-inch Retina […]