ZAGG Offering A 20% Discount On The ZAGGfolio For iPad 2 And iPad 3 For A Limited Time


One of the first accessories I purchased for my new iPad, besides an invisibleSHIELD, was a keyboard case. It was not long after I started using my iPad that I realized if I wanted to use it for more serious tasks I would indeed need some sort of physical keyboard. As I am, and will […]

Get This Cool Case-Valet Free When You Purchase Two Or More Cases From Case-Mate


If you have a lot of cases you probably have a problem. Where do I store them all where they are not only easy to access, but easy to show off? Well, Case-Mate has the answer! The company has developed what they call the Case-Valet that will help you organize and show off your case […]

Popular ZAGG Products See Some Big Price Drops [Shop Now]


ZAGG has been the talk of the town recently, releasing a brand new line of EXTREME invisibleSHIELDs and even the next-generation of its ZAGGsparq lineup. As ZAGG has been introducing so many new products it is time to discount the old ones, to make way for the new. We received an email this morning pointing […]

ZAGG Is Currently Offering FREE Shipping Within Canada (And The United States) For A Limited Time


For the first time (as far as I can remember anyways) ZAGG is currently offering FREE shipping within Canada for a limited time on all orders above $29.98. This matches the same promotion ZAGG is currently running in the United States, and as such if you have been putting off ordering say an invisibleSHIELD for your […]

Check Out ZAGG’s Back To School iPad Bundle, Which Saves You A Cool 23% [Limited Time]


Are you looking to save big on some perfect back to school gadgets? Well, if you are then there is no doubt you should check out ZAGG’s back to school iPad bundle. Everyone’s favourite accessory company has paired together three of their most popular products into one bundle that saves you money! Their back to […]

Windows 8 Pro Pricing Announced: $70 Until Jan 2013, $200 After That


So we’ve already heard a lot about Windows 8’s upgrade options, which for existing Windows users will be a quite affordable $40 online purchase. There’s also the box copies of Windows 8, though, and we haven’t heard much about pricing on those. The Verge is now reporting that they’ve got the full scoop on retail […]

You Have 3 Hours To Get 50% Off ZAGG invisibleSHIELDs And ZAGGsparqs


ZAGG recently emailed us to alert our readers to the fact that they are discounting their invisibleSHIELDs and ZAGGsparqs by 50% until 6.p.m. EDT for today only. This means you have about 3 more hours to take advantage of these killer savings. It is not very often ZAGG offers such massive sales, as such it […]

Buy One ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD Get Another One Free [Limited Time]


The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD is one of the most popular screen protectors for various smartphones and other tech gadgets, and as such if you have not heard of the ZAGG invisibleSHIELD I would be very surprised.  The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD is made out of military grade material which is actually used to protect the rotary blades on helicopters. This material is not […]

Save 5% Off GelaSkins For A Limited Time, And Buy 3 GelaSkins Get 1 Free


GelaSkins creates some very unique skins for your tech gadgets like the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and they accomplish this by recruiting a variety of artists from around the world. Personally, what I like about skins is that it is a great way to add some extra protection to your gadgets without adding extra bulk. […]

Check Out Some Of These Extraordinary Skins From GelaSkins [Buy 3 Get 1 Free]


Sometimes it is hard to find the right case because you do not want to add a lot of extra bulk to your gadget. That is why I often recommend to people skins if they are looking for a way to fend off minor scratches, but still maintain their gadgets true form. Skins are a […]