Find Out Which Apps Are Using Location Services With The ‘Apps Using Location’ Cydia App

As Bitdefender’s Clueful app demonstrated, not all apps that use the iPhone or iPad’s built-in Locations Services API ask permission. Even for the ones that do, sometimes we forget. Meanwhile the pesky apps make calls to the GPS, draining your precious battery life. While iOS 6 seems to be ramping up the privacy and security […]

Copy10 Cydia Plugin Claims To Be The Best Spyware For iOS Devices, Here’s What You Need To Know

A tool is only as good as the people who use it. Remote logging software could be used to secure your possessions, and it could also be used against you to steal your personal information, invade your privacy, and embarrass you. Copy10 is the newest piece of self-fashioned spyware to hit Cydia. It claims that […]

App Store Apps Leak More Private Data Than Cydia Apps

A few weeks ago, Path app for iPhone was found uploading phone contacts from users without their permission. It was later discovered that a lot of other apps available on the App Store do it as well. Path CEO apologized to all of its users and released an update to the app that fixed these […]

ContactPrivacy Cydia Tweak Notifies You When Apps Access Your Contacts

After the fiasco that Path caused yesterday, people have been very much concerned about their phone contacts being accessed without permission. It was found, by a Blogger, that Path secretly uploads all of its users mobile contacts and addresses to their servers. If that’s not bad enough, the app doesn’t even ask for users permission […]

Are Your iOS Apps Spying On You? PrivaCy Can Help [Cydia Tweak]

As the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports, the applications you use on your smartphone may be disregarding your privacy without your knowledge. Its no big surprise that companies and developers making apps for smartphones are collecting data from their users, but what is a surprise is that most of them don’t tell you that they are taking your information…or specifically what […]