This Is What The Inside Of The Apple Headquarters Looks Like [IMAGES]


Every Apple fanboy wants to get the opportunity to visit the fruit company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. The Infinite Loop Building is one of the most secretive company headquarters and only a few lucky individuals get access inside. This is the place where all the magic happens, where the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBooks and […]

Remove Unwanted People From Photographs With Scalado Remove iPhone App


Ever take a picture where some stranger or an object just ruined the whole thing? Well, you can soon get rid of those unwanted people and objects from favorite photographs taken with your iOS or Android device with the help of this new app. Scalado’s Remove App for iOS and Android devices does an amazing […]

Physical iPhone 5 Mock-Up [Pictures & Video]


Although we only have about a week before the announcement of the next generation iPhone, has created a physical concept/mock-up of the next generation iPhone based off the top rumors circulating around the web. They note that this physical mock-up of the next generation iPhone, which was machined out of a solid piece of […]

App Review: YOGA HD for the iPad


By no stretch of the imagination am I a flexible yoga kind of guy! But don’t let that stop you from purchasing this app! I am not down with the whole yoga thing and not that flexible as it is, but this app is very well put together by the Dev’s at Arawella Corporation and […]

How To: Categorize Pictures In Albums On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Using iTunes [Trick]


A few days ago we posted a guide on how to organize videos in albums and now we’re back doing the same thing with pictures. Of course there are many apps out there that do this, but none of them let you make albums in the default Photo app that’s preinstalled on your iDevice. For example: this […]

MobileNanny – Record All SMS and Pictures Silently [How To]


MobileNanny is a useful app in Cydia which can be used to monitor and block specific numbers from calls or SMS. Block websites and create time restrictions. The application can also record user activities including SMS messages, GPS locations and call information. You’re able to view the logs on the device itself or in a secure […]

SnapTap – Enable iPhone 4 Volume Buttons To Take Photos and Videos


SnapTap is a tweak in Cydia that enables your iPhone volume buttons or wired headset buttons to take photos and videos with your iPhone. This way when you’re taking pictures, you can hold it like a normal camera and don’t need to adjust your fingers. Simply press the volume controls. Recently SnapTap was updated to […]

Camera Preview Disabler – Disable The Preview Box In Camera App


Camera Preview Disabler is a new tweak in Cydia that let’s you disable the preview box located in the bottom left corner of iPhone It’s useful to hide your photos from others. And If you’ve installed Locktopus to lock, you don’t have to go through the hassle of entering your password each time […]