Adobe’s Photoshop Touch Now Available On iPhone And iPod Touch


A year later, Adobe’s Photoshop Touch app has finally been released for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Last year in February, Adobe released the powerful photo editing app Photoshop Touch for the iPad. Now, all the amazing editing can be done using your iPhone/iPod Touch as well. The Photoshop Touch app for iPhone is exactly […]

Enhance Your Photos With Photoshop-Like Style Without The Learning Curve With Funtastic Photos


Photoshop is a program that I use everyday because of its advanced editing capabilities. Although now I know Photoshop like the back of my hand, there is a lot of individuals out there who would like to use some of the advanced features Photoshop has to offer, but don’t want to learn the ins-and-outs of […]

Adobe Announces Support For Retina Displays In Photoshop CS6


An update everyone knew would only be a matter of time has finally been announced, as Adobe has posted an official blog post indicating that Photoshop and Lightroom will be getting full support for high DPI screens like the new MacBook Pro’s Retina display. The update will become available for Photoshop CS6 “this fall,” and Lightroom […]

New Patent Filing Indicates Apple Wants To Compete With Adobe Photoshop


File this under the ‘probably not a very good idea’ category; Apple has just been granted a patent for a drawing app on Mac and iPad that will be trying to take on the “professional market,” which means Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The patent, dug up by Patently Apple, focuses mostly on input methods and […]

The Power Of Photoshop Comes To iPad With The Release Of Photoshop Touch! [App Store]


If you have an iPad you will be glad to know that Adobe has just released a new app called Photoshop Touch that will bring the core features of Adobe Photoshop to your Apple iPad. This means you can now edit your photos on your iPad with the power of Photoshop, share your images on social […]