How To: Shoot Vertical Panorama Photos On The iPhone


One feature that Apple introduced in the iOS 6 firmware generation was Panorama photos. This is a much appreciated functionality because it allows you to easily capture a wide landscape or crowds of people. With Panorama photos you no longer have to tell people to crowd together to fit inside the frame of the photo […]

Easily Upload Photos To Facebook From Photos App With FacebookThis Cydia Tweak


This new Cydia tweak lets you directly upload photos from the Photos app to your Facebook account. Normally, you’d have to launch the Facebook app and then choose the image to upload. With this tweak, the whole process gets much easier. From the creator of SARA (Siri clone), NobitaZZZ’s new tweak called FacebookThis adds functionality that […]

Get Time, Date And Other Info On Your Photos With Dater Cydia Tweak


The Photos app on your iOS device doesn’t provide any information on the photo taken. No details such as Time, Date, Place, Size etc can be known from the Photos app, which could be useful at times. You can now solve that problem by installing this new jailbreak tweak called Dater. Dater Cydia tweak adds […]

Play GIF Images Right From The With Giffy Cydia Tweak


The stock iOS cannot play GIF files or other similar formats, but this new Cydia tweak is going to change that. There are many apps out there that can create GIF files, Cinemagram for example. If you wanted to download/save GIF images from the web and view it in your image gallery, it wouldn’t […]

Another Loophole Allows Applications To Access Your Photo Library On iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad!


It is being reported by New York Times, that there is another loophole which developers can take advantage of to gain access to your Photos Library without you ever knowing. The news grows upon previous reports in which an application called Path was uploading contacts from the without user consent. “As it turns out, address books are […]

Mail More Photos Cydia Tweak Allows You To Email More Than 5 Photos In A Single Email


Has the fact that you can only send a maximum of 5 photos from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad ever bugged you? Would you like a quick and easy way to send more than 5 photos on your iOS device? Well, if you answered yes to the questions just presented to you then you will […]

How To: Categorize Pictures In Albums On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Using iTunes [Trick]


A few days ago we posted a guide on how to organize videos in albums and now we’re back doing the same thing with pictures. Of course there are many apps out there that do this, but none of them let you make albums in the default Photo app that’s preinstalled on your iDevice. For example: this […]