Dial Allows You To Make Phone Calls And Texts Anywhere [Cydia Tweak]


Here’s the thing about your iPhone: it’s a phone. Shouldn’t you always have immediate access to the dialer for phone calls and texts? Normally when you want to call someone, you have to exit to the SpringBoard, select the phone icon, and then switch over to the keypad to make a call. That’s a lot […]

Appfront Combines Skype, WhatsApp And Viber Into One Application


Do you love the iOS applications WhatsApp, Viber and Skype, but hate that you don’t know which friend is using which app? Well, thanks to the AppFront Cydia app you now have the easiest way to use Viber, WhatsApp and Skype on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is because instead of using 3 […]

Never Let An Incoming Call Interrupt You Again With CallBar Tweak For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad!


CallBar is definitely not a new Cydia tweak, but it is a Cydia tweak we have been meaning to provide coverage on. With the CallBar tweak you will never have to be interrupted when you receive an incoming phone call again! You see, the CallBar tweak will completely redesign the incoming call interface to be […]

Developers: Upload Multiple .apks


A couple of days ago Google rolled out the ability to upload multiple .apk files for one app. Developers no longer have to create separate listings for one, optimized for a different device. An example below is the many different versions of Guerrilla Bob: The best part is that the Market will do this all for […]

iOS 5 Styled Incoming Call Notifications Cydia Tweak Coming Soon!


Is a collaboration between Limneos and Sh8kespeare a new tweak is being developed for iPhone users running the iOS 4 firmware or even the iOS 5 firmware. This tweak being developed will allow you to view incoming calls through an iOS 5 styled notification, thus not interrupting you while you are using an application. This is […]

iPhone iOS 5 VS Android Gingerbread, WP7 Mango And BlackBerry 7


With the launch of iOS 5 which boasts over 200 new features, the iPhone has almost been reinvented into a brand new smartphone. Many features that were originally considered lacking in the iPhone but available in Android, WP7 and BlackBerry OS, have all been added in one release. PCMag has put together a great little […]