Apple’s Phil Schiller Says They Will Never Produce A Cheap Smartphone [Updated]


Recently, we’ve been hearing reports of Apple developing a cheaper and low-end iPhone from various major publications. Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reported that they’ve heard from credible sources about a cheaper iPhone in the works. However, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, says that the company has no plans of ever producing a […]

The iPad Mini Has Stereo Speakers, Confirms Phil Schiller


Earlier this week Amazon posted a giant ad on their homepage comparing the iPad Mini with their Kindle Fire HD. The ad titled, ‘Much more for Much less’, attacked the iPad Mini for being priced too high and not having features as good as the Kindle Fire HD. In the comparison, it was mentioned that the […]

Phil Schiller On The iPad Mini’s $329 Price Tag


In the lead up to yesterday’s iPad Mini announcement, analysts and bloggers made predictions about the iPad Mini’s pricing. The iPad Mini was thought to be Apple’s response to 7-inch Android tablets, indeed Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing, compared the iPad Mini to Google’s Nexus 7 tablet during the iPad Mini’s unveiling. Considering all the […]

You Can Now Watch Today’s Apple Keynote Online Or Download It In HD


In case you missed today’s action packed Apple keynote you will be glad to know it is available to watch online and also to download in HD through iTunes. In this keynote you can watch Tim Cook and Phil Schiller talk about all of the new innovations coming out of Apple’s pipeline including the iPad Mini […]

Why Does The New iPod Touch Lack An Ambient Light Sensor? “It’s Too Thin,” Says Phil Schiller


The 5th-generation iPod Touch that Apple announced last month is great. It has an A5 chip, a 4-inch display, has an improved camera, is thinner by a millimeter and comes in new attractive colors. It was recently discovered however, that the new iPod Touch doesn’t come with an ambient light sensor. This means that the […]

Apple’s Senior VP Phil Schiller On Why The iPhone Doesn’t Have NFC Or Wireless Charging


Considering the device’s aluminum backing, we were reasonably certain that the iPhone 5 wouldn’t include wireless charging or NFC. Both those technologies rely on coil-shaped electromagnetic induction antennas which take up a great deal of surface area and can be disrupted by conductive sheets of decorative metal. Of course, Apple’s design team could have put […]

Marketing The iPhone And The iPad Cost Apple Over $1 Billion


With great products, comes great expenditure! I just totally made that up, but it is actually true. For instance, if you look at Apple’s marketing strategy, they sell more products than other manufactures thanks to their awesome TV ads, product launches, keynotes etc. They’re always simple, but they’re also well thought of and focus on […]

Apple Wanted To Build An iCar Or A Camera Before The iPhone, Admits Phil Schiller


The Apple vs Samsung Trial is currently in progress and right now it’s Apple’s senior VP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller at the witness stand. The trial started earlier this week and revealed a lot of information on the early days of Apple, including early prototypes of the iPhone and the iPad. And there’s a lot […]

Here’s Why The New Apple iPad Is Just Called The New iPad


When Apple announced the new iPad yesterday, we were all expecting it to be called the iPad 3, iPad 2S, iPad HD, iPad super awesome, iPad WoW or something else. Well, the Cupertino giant went ahead and slapped the words ‘the new’ before iPad and simply called it ‘the new iPad‘. Everyone in the event was […]

Apple Will NOT Be Live Streaming The iPad 3 Event Trick Got Many People


Bad news for anyone who loves to see the keynote presentation live, the current SVP of Marketing for Apple, Phil Schiller has posted on his Twitter that Apple will not be live streaming the event, but instead the video can be found after the completion of the event. Or that is what many blogging websites fell victim to believing […]