Want To Help Make Unlocking iPhones Legal? Sign This Petition

Recently, we told you how unlocking iPhones and other phones was going to become illegal after Saturday. Well, it is now illegal and if you want to help make it permanently legal, you’ll have to sign a petition that has been started at WhiteHouse.gov. Late last year, the Librarian of Congress issued a DMCA notice […]

Sign This Petition By EFF To Keep Jailbreaking Legal [Jailbreaking Is NOT A Crime]


Few days ago, we told you about the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) helping in keeping jailbreaking legal. This was in regard to the expiration of the Jailbreaking exemption to the DMCA added on July 2010. Now, it’s high time that users who support jailbreaking and want to continue jailbreaking to take action and send your comments to the Copyright offices […]

SOPA/PIPA Will Make Jailbreaking Illegal [It Is Time YOU Take Action]


If you have not at least heard of SOPA or PIPA I would be very surprised. The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA for short) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA for short) is currently trying to be introduced into congress and is receiving a heavy amount of negative attention. The reason being, this Act would change the […]