Integrate Your Pebble Smartwatch With Activator Using The New PebbleActivator Cydia Tweak


The Pebble Smartwatch was one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever launched and it raised over $10 million. The Pebble team continued their success with the initial launch of Pebble, with it garnering some pretty good reviews. Although it still isn’t readily available, Pebble is still only accepting pre-orders, those who backed the project have been […]

Pebble Smartwatch Teardown By iFixit Concludes The Battery Cannot Be Replaced [IMAGES]


iFixit has took it upon themselves to teardown, probably one of the most popular smart watches that has just begun shipping to consumers — Pebble. The results? Well, iFixit wasn’t able to take apart Pebble without destroying it unfortunately. This is because the Pebble smart watch is glued shut to avoid any issues with water. […]

With The Rumor That Apple Is Developing A Smart Watch, It Looks Like Samsung Want Some Of That Smart Watch Pie As Well…

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 17.03.46

As you may already know Smart Watches have become a reality within the last few months with the launch of the ‘Pebble Smart Watch’ and more recently we also talked about Apple possibly developing a watch as well. Well guess what? It looks like Samsung might be making a smart phone watch of their own […]

BTNotificationEnabler Sends All Notification Center Notifications To Bluetooth Devices Like The Pebble Watch


If you have a Bluetooth enabled smart watch such as the Pebble then you will want to check out the BTNotificationEnabler Cydia tweak that was just released onto Cydia today. The tweak is pretty simple and according to its description it will allow you to “never miss a notification again!” This is because it enables […]

Pebble E-Paper Watch For Android And iPhone: UI Preview


The Pebble e-paper watch is a smart wristwatch which acts as a display for connected iPhone and Android devices. Like other smart watches, Pebble can control your music, display email alerts, and even be used to tell the time. Unlike other smart watches, Pebble was designed from the ground up to be user-customizable, and can […]

Pebble E-Paper Wrist Watch For iPhone And Android On Kickstarter


I stopped wearing a wrist watch shortly after I got my first cell phone. Pebble might be the watch that reclaims a spot on my wrist. Notification watches for cell phones have been available for years, but none have been fully compatible with both Android and iOS, and few alert watches have embraced homebrew development […]