Evernote Hacked, Hackers Gained Usernames And Passwords

The note-sharing website, Evernote, has reportedly been hacked, with the hackers gaining access to usernames, passwords and email addresses. They are now requiring just over 50 million people to change their passwords. A message to all Evernote users said that it had found and blocked ‘suspicious activity on the Evernote network that appears to have been […]

Reminder: Change Your Root SSH Password On iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch After You Jailbreak iOS 6.x [How To]


With every new Jailbreak release there is always a lot of new people who Jailbreak their devices and forget about one important step. Heck, I bet even a lot of individuals who have Jailbroken in the past forget about it. Just what is this important step? Well, changing your SSH (root) password. A couple questions […]

[iJailbreak’s Tips] Why You Should Change Your iPhone, iPad, Or iPod Touch’s Password After Installing OpenSSH


You should have been told in a tutorial to change your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s default passwords after installing SSH–but you might be wondering why. You might even be asking yourself, How can someone else mess with my iPhone if they don’t even know who I am? I’m not anyone special, so why should […]

Password Hints From Windows 7 And 8 Can Now Be Obtained Over Network Connections, Were Always A Bad Idea


Password hints are generally a terrible idea, especially if it’s the kind of hint that anyone can use to guess your password. In fact, I’m really hoping the password hints that SpiderLabs‘ blog used are just an illustration of the kinds of password hints that could be uncovered, and not hints used on an actual […]

Blizzard’s Security Detects Unauthorized Access, Recommends Players Update Passwords And Security Questions


If you play World Of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, or Diablo 3, you may want to read this: Mike Horhaime of Blizzard Entertainment posted a press release in regards to a breach of data on their internal network. The leaked information includes email addresses of players outside of China as well as “cryptographically scrambled versions of […]

Apple Stops Resetting Passwords Over The Phone In Aftermath Of Mat Honan’s Compromised Account


If you haven’t already heard the news, a Wired reporter lost control of his Twitter account, along with the information (and irreplaceable baby pictures) stored on his MacBook, iPhone and iPad. The identity thieves that broke into his account exploited customer service policies at both Apple and Amazon. All they needed to gain control Mat […]

iLostFinder Cydia Tweak Emails Pictures From iPhone, iPad’s Camera When Given An Incorrect Password At Lockscreen


Find my iPhone is a great service to use if you ever misplace your iPhone, but it can only ever tell you where your phone is, not who has it. iLostFinder is a good companion tweak, which promises to snap a photo of the thief and then email you the evidence. All they have to […]

Over 400,000 Yahoo Account Passwords Stolen By Hackers

Yahoo icon

In the latest massive breach of a major company’s database security, the Yahoo email servers have been compromised, and over 400,000 users’ account information has been stolen. Fortunately for everyone involved, the hackers behind the operation don’t appear to have any malicious intent, but rather did it as a way of pointing out Yahoo’s security […]