Another, But More Dangerous, Lockscreen Exploit Discovered In The iOS 6.1.2 Firmware [Here’s How To Perform It]

It looks like Apple has run into some serious troubles with their lockscreen in iOS 6, or the amount of people poking and prying at iOS has increased (take your pick). In iOS 6.1.2 Apple patched a lockscreen bug that allowed users to bypass the lockscreen and access the Phone app. Now a more serious […]

New Bug Lets Users To Bypass A Password Locked Screen In iOS 6.1 [VIDEO]


Ever since Apple’s release of iOS 6.1, users have been complaining about various problems such as battery drain, the Microsoft Exchange bug and more. Apple released iOS 6.1.1 for the iPhone 4S to fix the cellular connectivity issue, but now a YouTube user has discovered a new bug. A new bug in iOS 6.1 that lets you […]

The Two-Minute iOS Passcode Cracking Application “XRY” Is Finally Debunked


It was recently circulating around the web that a Swedish security firm, Micro Systemation had developed an application called XRY capable of cracking the passcode on your iOS device in under two minutes. The application could also log keystrokes and access personal data on your iOS device. The notion of this scared a lot of people, but in […]

Swedish Security Firm Shows How Easy It Is To Crack iPhone Passcode [Video]


Even though we have seen an increase of companies switching from the long time secure Blackberry phone to the newer iPhone platform for their employees there still is a security issue. A Swedish security firm called Micro Systemation help police and military units around the world crack different digital security systems. Now while they specialize in cracking this exact sort of thing, […]

iPad 2 Unlock Glitch – Apple Smart Cover


A bug has just been discovered for iPads with the Apple Smart Cover. They can be unlocked without the passcode. Literally, you first lock it. Then, you hold down the top button until it says “Slide To Shutdown”. Close the smart cover. Re-open it. Tap Cancel, and bravo, you’re in! You can fix this, by […]