Apple Lists The Best Selling iPhone And iPad Apps Of All Time


The App Store reached the massive number of 25 billion downloads over the week, with Chunli Fu of Qingdao China being the very lucky downloader of the 25th billion with the game Where’s My Water? Free, winning him a $10,000 iTunes gift card. As it did when the App Store reached 10 billion downloads last […]

My Top Cydia Tweaks And Applications For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [April Update]


Now I’m sure if you Google ‘top Cydia tweaks,’ a million articles will come up, all relatively saying the same thing. Well, the fact is today I want to share MY top favorite tweaks and hopefully help anyone looking to mod their device to the best of their ability. You’ve probably heard of most of […]

Your Free Alternative to MobileMe


Hello all, me again, this time I’d like to run through some nifty tools I’ve discovered since owning an iPhone that have proven useful to get all of the features MobileMe offer, but for free! Gmail It’s not the best mail service in the world, or the most popular, but it’s certainly the most useful […]