Apple’s iWork Suite For iCloud, iOS And Mac Get New Updates

Apple iWork Suite Updated

Apple has pushed out new updates for its iWork apps across iCloud, iOS and Mac. The updated apps include Pages, Numbers and Keynote. The iCloud apps received the updates first, with support for Retina display and other improvements. Updates then followed for both iOS and Mac apps, with several new features. Pages, Numbers and Keynote […]

Apple Updates The iWork Suite For iOS And Mac With Better Microsoft Office Compatibility


Apple has updated its iWork suite today for both iOS and Mac, this includes Numbers, Pages and Keynote. Most of the changes and improvements have to do with better compatibility with Microsoft Office, but you can read about all the iOS changes below. The Mac updates simply read “adds support for iWork for iOS 1.7 apps.” […]

Facebook Encouraging More Employees To Switch To Android Testing And Development


If you’ve used the Facebook apps for iOS and Android recently, you’ve probably noticed that the iOS versions are considerably better. They’ve finally moved over to a native app on iOS, rather than an embedded HTML5 monstrosity, but they have yet to do so on Android. They also haven’t brought the Pages app – a […]

Google Finally Adds Pages to Google+


Since the launch of Google+, registration has been limited to personal profiles only. It is easy to make a page for yourself, and connect with other friends of yours, but what if you are a small business, or an organization wanting to have their presence on Google+. Here at, we ran into that problem […]

iWork Now Available For The iPhone And iPod Touch [Download Now]


Today Apple has released the iOS iWork suite for your iPhone and iPod Touch! Now you can use Keynote, Pages and Numbers on the iPhone and iPod Touch to create amazing presentations, documents and spreadsheets right in the palm of your hand. While one may not to inclined to create a full fledged keynote presentations on […]