The Open Source Jailbreak Repository OpenJailbreak Is Now Live


Back in the beginning of July we reported that P0sixninja ended up launching his website, but that it wasn’t the finalized version only a temporary home for what would be coming. At the WWJC 2013 today, however, P0sixninja took wraps off the full version of the site that’s main focus is to create more […]

P0sixninja Working On OpenJailbreak: An Open Source Jailbreak Repository

Last week P0sixninja stated that he was working on something “bigger than a Jailbreak” and today we finally have an idea of just what this something is. It all started with a tweet from P0sixninja yesterday when he said “Ok, I hate redsn0w, I hate sn0wbreeze, and I hate 6.1.3. I’m ready to get this […]

Gridlock 2.0 Released Into Cydia To Bring A Desktop-Like Feel To The iOS 6 Home Screen


Gridlock has without a doubt been a very popular tweak throughout firmware generations and if you are one of the tweaks fans you will be glad to know it has been updated for the iOS 6 firmware generation in Gridlock 2.0. For those of you who are new to the Jailbreaking community, Gridlock essentially makes […]

R.I.P. Chronic Dev-Team, You Will Be Missed


If you have a Jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and have not heard of either the Chronic Dev-Team or P0sixninja then you need to brush up on your history. For those of you who don’t know, the hacker P0sixNinja, who’s real name is Joshua Hill, is responsible for GreenPois0n, Absinthe, the Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter and more. Hill […]

Third-Generation 1080p Apple TV Deemed Not Impossible To Jailbreak By P0sixninja


Near the end of July we told you about what seemed like a conspiracy theory involving P0sixninja and a “former” Apple employee to destroy an exploit to had the potential to Jailbreak all iOS devices on the iOS 6 firmware untethered. This whole ordeal stemmed from P0sixninja tweeting he was no longer associated with Chronic-Dev and that […]

P0sixninja Sold Possible iPhone 5, Apple TV 3G (iOS 6) Jailbreak Exploit For $50 With iPhone 4 To Apple Employee


Remember earlier today when we told you that the famous Jailbreak hacker @P0sixninja, formally known as Joshua Hill, quit the Chronic Dev-Team? Well, we have more to the story and let’s just say it gets squirrely pretty fast. You see, as I started writing about P0sixninja leaving the Chronic Dev-Team I saw some previous tweets that caught […]

The Dream Team Presenting At Hack In The Box (HITB) Security Conference


Hacking Apple’s iOS devices is an extremely hard task and is definitely not for the feint hearted. In fact, I remember talking to Comex awhile back about just how difficult hacking Apple’s iOS devices were and he stated that they were the hardest devices he had come across to actually exploit. This was just about two years […]

Hacker P0sixninja Reminds Jailbreakers To Re-Run CDevReporter On OS X Mountain Lion


The Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter Tool was designed to stop sending crash reports to Apple from your iOS devices and instead re-direct the crash reports to a private Chronic-Dev server. This initiative was started to limit the amount of crash reports sent to Apple, to give hackers more of a chance to develop their exploits into workable […]

SOPA/PIPA Will Make Jailbreaking Illegal [It Is Time YOU Take Action]


If you have not at least heard of SOPA or PIPA I would be very surprised. The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA for short) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA for short) is currently trying to be introduced into congress and is receiving a heavy amount of negative attention. The reason being, this Act would change the […]

Jailbreak Development Team Chronic Dev Featured On BBC News


Yesterday @P0sixNinja mentioned that that he was featured on BBC News for the Chronic-Dev’s work on the Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter Tool that we talked about a few weeks ago. In this report by the BBC they talk about what exactly it is that P0sixNinja and his team are up to, what they hope to accomplish with […]