[iJailbreak’s Tips] Why You Should Change Your iPhone, iPad, Or iPod Touch’s Password After Installing OpenSSH


You should have been told in a tutorial to change your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch’s default passwords after installing SSH–but you might be wondering why. You might even be asking yourself, How can someone else mess with my iPhone if they don’t even know who I am? I’m not anyone special, so why should […]

How To Install / Use MobileTerminal And OpenSSH To Connect To Servers, Play Roguelikes (Nethack, ADOM, Crawl) [Cydia]


RogueTerm is a universal app in the iTunes App Store which can play roguelikes (old school RPGs like nethack and moria). While my iPhone probably isn’t the greatest platform to play these heavily keyboard-centric games, I wouldn’t mind syncing up my bluetooth keyboard to plug away at some Crawl when I am away from my […]

How To: Install OpenSSH On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad [VIDEO]


One of the most important applications to install after jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is called OpenSSH. OpenSSH is a secure remote system that allows access to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad filesystem over a WiFi network, with a default username: root and password: alpine. This step-by-step guide will show you how to install OpenSSH on your jailbroken […]

How To: Change iPod Touch And iPhone Root Password On iOS 4 To iOS 4.1+ After Jailbreak


One thing that not too many people do anymore is change their iDevice’s root password. Your iDevice’s root password by default is “alpine”, and this password is meant to stop unauthorized access to your iDevice if SSH is installed. The problem is, is that everyone who jailbreaks their iDevice and installs an SSH program, has this same […]

How To: Change The Background Of Your Folders And Task Switcher


With iOS 4 jailbroken, and apps like WinterBoard working, we are starting to see changes to the look of the new UI in iOS 4. Today, we’re going to show you how to change the background in the folders and the task switcher. This should go without saying, but you’ll need your device jailbroken, on […]

How To: Enable Voice Control On Your Jailbroken iPad [GUIDE]


So, you’ve just jailbroken your iPad, and you’re wondering: what now? Well, there are so many new things you will be able to do with your iPad, and we’ll do our best to keep you up to date. Here’s a great tweak that is really easy to accomplish. Voice Control is something that is built […]

Learn How To Change Your Default Password On iPhone And iPod Touch In OpenSSH


OpenSSH is an application that allows you to transfer files from your iPod Touch or iPhone to your computer over WiFi. It is extremely useful for developers, installing complicated WinterBoard themes, examining data and much much more. OpenSSH is a great application, and it allows you to open up and view your iPod Touch or iPhone’s […]