How To: Backup And Transfer Your OpenFeint Saved Games, Or Any Other Game Data On iOS


As you may have heard, OpenFeint–the original free social gaming platform for the iPhone–will be shutting the doors to their service on December 14th. Games that rely on OpenFeint have been advised to switch to GREE (?), a service run by the company that bought OpenFeint, but that doesn’t help us if our favorite old […]

OpenFeint Shutting Down On December 14, App Creators Given Just One Month to Change


It was only a matter of time until the centralized gaming network OpenFeint disappeared, once Apple launched Game Center. The two services accomplish nearly the same task – adding achievements and social features that work across a bunch of iOS games – and the first-party option has quickly become the more popular choice for developers. […]

Amazon Introduces GameCircle For Kindle Fire [VIDEO]


Amazon announced yesterday that they’re set to release GameCircle, an OpenFeint-esque game center for the Kindle Fire. It promises to do all the usual things that OpenFeint and Apple Game Center do now, such as track achievements and global leaderboards across all games on the platform. It also offers cloud storage of all your game […]

OpenFeint Introduces a New System to Allow Devs to Sell Content Without Updating!


When the Apple GameCenter came out, a lot of people predicted that services like OpenFeint would slowly disappear… This is far from the case however, OpenFeint is making its mission to continue to add services that are not available through the Apple Game Center. One of these services includes a brand new way for developers […]