Latest Nokia Ad For Lumia 2520 Tablet Takes Cheap Shots At The iPad [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 11.06.12 AM

It seems like there are two options for marketing teams behind tablet commercials: take cheap shots at Apple or come up with something creative. Obviously the latter very rarely wins and this is certainly the case with the latest Nokia 2520 tablet ad. The now Microsoft owned company has just released an ad for its […]

The Core Of iOS Has Been Ported To A Nokia N900


It isn’t everyday that you here of ports and other hacking feats like you heard back in the day when iOS was more easily hacked, as such todays news is special. Winocm has just announced on his blog that he has been able to port iOS to non-Apple devices. In the photo you can see […]

Nokia, HTC, Motorola And Others Throw Dirt On Apple’s iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c


This was bound to happen! As soon as Apple announced the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, companies such as Nokia, HTC, Motorola etc. took to Twitter to show Apple up. There is competition and these companies certainly don’t want Apple to have all of the attention, especially now that it has two new iPhones on […]

Microsoft Acquires Nokia For $7.2 Billion

Nokia Lumia 820

Microsoft has announced this morning that it will be acquiring Nokia’s Devices and Services unit for $7.2 billion. This move will give Microsoft ownership of Nokia’s entire smartphone lineup and of course give it complete control over both its hardware and software… meaning dreams of Android powered Nokia handsets are now dead. The Boards of […]

Nokia’s New TV Ad For Lumia 1020 Bashes iPhone’s Camera And Users [VIDEO]


Microsoft has released a new TV ad for the Nokia Lumia 1020, a Windows Phone with a 41-megapixel camera and 6x digital zoom. The new commercial shows a large audience at a play, using the iPhone, iPad and other smartphones to take photos. However, since most smartphone cameras can’t really zoom a lot, the pictures […]

New Report Says Apple’s iPhone Is More Reliable Than Samsung, Nokia And Motorola


Apple’s iPhone isn’t just the best selling smartphone, it’s also the most reliable among all other manufacturers. As per a new report, coming from online tech support service FixYa, Apple’s iPhone is the most reliable and liked smartphone among consumers. The result showed that the iPhone is up to 3 times more reliable than Samsung, Nokia […]

Research In Motion Loses WLAN Patent Dispute To Nokia


BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) just can’t seem to catch a break these days. They’ve been losing market share steadily over the last few years, their financials are looking grim, and their new BB10 operating system – which will likely make or break the company – keeps getting delayed. Now, another setback has hit […]

Nokia’s Head Of Design Talks About The Lumia 920’s Design [Video]


Some time in the last couple years, possibly starting with Apple, it became customary to accompany the release of major new tech products will all manner of vaguely pretentious video footage. From gratuitous imagery of the product itself, to interviews wherein the designers of the new device tell your their lofty ambitions for its design, […]

Nokia’s “Imaging Experience” Boss Leaves The Company


The one category that Nokia has always excelled in has been the cameras and imaging technology present in their phones. From the earliest days of camera phones, to the recent release of the impressive Lumia 920, Nokia has always been a step ahead when it comes to smartphone photo quality. A big reason for that […]

Nokia’s HERE Maps Now Available For iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad [Download Now]

HERE Maps App iOS App Icon-ijailbreak

Last week Nokia announced their new and improved mapping platform called HERE. They also announced that a standalone HERE Maps app would be available for both iOS and Android. Well, HERE Maps is now available in the iOS App Store with turn-by-turn navigation, public transit information, POI’s and real-time traffic information. So, is it better than […]