Apple’s Stock Breaks $700 In After Hours Trading


Remember that prediction from Chris Whitmore of the Deutsche Bank? The prediction was that Apple might experience a slight loss in their stocks due to a lack of positive upcoming surprises in their iPhone 5 announcement keynote, that the dip would be a buying opportunity as the stock price would spring back after solid sales […]

Apple’s Stock Bounces Back From A Dip The Day After The iPhone 5 Announcement


On Wednesday we featured a story about analysts like Chris Whitmore of the Deutsche Bank who predicted that while Apple’s stock might show weakness because of an unsurprising keynote announcement for the iPhone 5, good sales of what was undoubtedly a strong product would eventually propel Apple’s stock higher. Any weakness would be a “buying opportunity” for […]

Apple Stock Hits Another Record High Following Victory Over Samsung


Apparently becoming the most valuable company in history wasn’t good enough for Apple. They hit an even higher record today, no doubt due in part to their decisive win over Samsung before the weekend. Apple stock opened at $680 this morning, beating the $660 record that made them the most valuable company ever. Their market cap also […]

Apple’s Market Cap Reaches Record High, Becomes Most Valuable Company In History


If you took a quick look at a stock ticker this morning, you may have noticed Apple is doing pretty well right now. They’re up a couple of percentage points, and looks like they’re on a pretty strong upward trend right now. Cool. If you looked closer, however, you might have noticed something a bit […]

Apple’s Closing Stock Price Yesterday Was The Highest Ever


When the markets closed yesterday afternoon, Apple stock was worth $636.34, making it the best day Apple has ever had on the exchange. Their previous record closing value was just eleven cents lower, closing at $636.23 on April 9 of this year. The stock has seen incredible growth this year, tripling the NASDAQ growth average. […]

Facebook Up For Trading On NASDAQ


Yesterday a Facebook press release announced that it would issue 421 Million shares at $38 a share, which would put the market capitalization for Facebook at $104 Billion dollars. The first trade was scheduled to begin at 11 AM eastern time, but was delayed half an hour by a technical issue. Facebook’s an interesting company, […]