Apple’s New Music Service Will Offer Free Song Samples And Trial Periods


Apple’s rumored Music streaming service will supposedly be unveiled at WWDC this year. The company plans on introducing a subscription based music streaming music service alongside iOS 8.4. Now, a new report from Recode states that Apple will also allow users to listen to music for free. According to Industry sources, the new music streaming service will […]

Apple Launches New ‘Great 69¢ Songs’ Promotion

Great 69 Cents Songs

Earlier this week we reported that Apple cut the prices of a ton of albums to $7.99 and $6.99, now it appears as if it is continuing its trend of discounting music and is offering a select number of songs for only 69 cents (limited to the U.S. App Store). There is a new page […]

Apple Celebrates Back To School With $7.99 And $6.99 Albums


Apple is currently offering $7.99 and $6.99 albums for a back to school promotion through iTunes, thus cutting album prices almost in half. As such you won’t want to miss out on the promotion if you find an album you have been meaning to purchase. I won’t list all the $7.99 albums on sale you […]

Twitter’s New #Music App Launches On The App Store [Download Now]


Well folks it is finally here! We told you last week that Twitter was looking to launch a music app over the weekend, and while that didn’t happen, Twitter has announced on their blog that the app called Twitter #music is now available to download. There is also a web application that will be opening later today. […]

Twitter To Launch A Music App This Weekend [Rumor]

Twitter Music

Twitter, one of the most important social networking sites in the world, is said to be preparing to launch a new music app soon – so soon, we may even see it this weekend. AllThingsD first stated the upcoming service would launch today but then corrected its original article, establishing that the app is to […]

Google Planning To Launch A Freemium Music Streaming Service Later This Year


It is a huge trend, especially amongst younger individuals to go on YouTube and listen to music. Although there is without a doubt a ton of subscription-based music services available, and even other freemium music streaming solutions (Songza, Grooveshark etc.), YouTube seems to be king. The problem is however, a lot of times users tend […]

What’s Your Best Option For Online Music Streaming?


It’s becoming more and more common to listen to music on the Internet due to the fact that, when doing this, people no longer use up all the memory on their phones – lots of cellphones come with few gigabytes (or in some cases megabytes!) as phone prices rise with their amount of internal memory. […]

Amazon Allows You To Get The MP3 Version Of A Purchased AutoRip CD Free Within The Last 15 Years


Amazon has recently launched a new service called AutoRip that is actually pretty neat if you are someone who has purchased physical media from the company. You see, AutoRip gives customers a free online version of any album they buy or have bought on Amazon within the last 15 years. This service will definitely appeal […]

Beats CEO Tried To Convince Steve Jobs To Pursue A Music Streaming Service For Years


Apple has been rumored to start its own music subscription service since last year, but we have yet to hear more conclusive details. It looks like Apple could have actually been one of the first companies to launch a subscription music service in the early 2000’s if Steve Jobs’ went along with a proposal from Beats […]

Lyrics For iPad Enables Lyrics In iOS 5’s Native iPad Music App For Free


If you enjoy seeing lyrics with your music, you’re probably wondering why Apple removed the lyrics functionality from the iPad’s native music player. I enjoy having the lyrics in front of me, because it helps me develop a deep attachment to the song, especially when I’m listening to singer-songwriters and other artists who make the […]