TaiG iOS 8.1.1 Jailbreak Gets Green Light From MuscleNerd

Taiji iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak Released

Last week, the TaiG team released a public jailbreak for iOS 8.1.1. Since this is the first jailbreak from TaiG, famous iOS expert MuscleNerd tweeted that users should probably stay away from it, due to safety concerns. Although, after some digging, he went on Twitter yesterday to vouch for the TaiG iOS 8.1.1 jailbreak stating there’s […]

iOS 8 Can’t Be Jailbroken, But There is Hope; Says MuscleNerd


Now that iOS 8 is available for download, most people are wondering if the Pangu jailbreak still works. Well, to clear all your doubts, it doesn’t. Also, if you’ve upgraded to iOS 8, you will not be able to downgrade to iOS 7.1.2. You’re stuck with iOS 8, without a jailbreak, until someone decides to burn some […]

iH8Sn0w’s A5(X) iBoot Bug Doesn’t Apply To The Apple TV 3G


Yesterday we announced that iH8Sn0w had discovered an iBoot exploit that would make devices with an A5 chip and A5X chip Jailbroken for life. One question that came up a lot was does this include the ATV3G, and the answer is no. MuscleNerd elaborated on Twitter that the iBoot bug doesn’t apply, so don’t go […]

MuscleNerd Gives The Go Ahead To Update To iOS 7.0.2


MuscleNerd has just given the go ahead to update your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to today’s firmware update, iOS 7.0.2. In case you missed our previous article iOS 7.0.2 was released by Apple to fix a security vulnerability with the lockscreen that allowed anyone to bypass it performing a series of complex taps. Unusual […]

MuscleNerd States There Is No A5+ Bootrom Exploit


To start the week off we had a ton of exciting news to share in the Jailbreaking community. First off none other than P0sixninja announced his new project called OpenJailbreak that aims at making developing Jailbreaks easier. Then Ryan Petrich shared a screenshot of Activator running on what appeared to be a Jailbroken 5th generation […]

The Evasi0n Jailbreak Tool Sent More Traffic To Mega.co.nz Than Facebook Or YouTube


After the U.S. authorities took down Megaupload last year, its creator Kim Dotcom and friends launched Mega.co.nz. This new file hosting website started with a bang, it received so much traffic the first few days of launch some people could not even access the site. According to a tweet from MuscleNerd earlier today the Evad3rs’ Jailbreak tool […]

I0n1c Hates On The Evad3rs And Receives Hate On Huge Scale In Return

i0n1c Stefan Esser iOS Kernal Exploration

Stefan Esser, a hacker known to most as i0n1c is openly hating the Evad3rs and in particular their website, evasi0n.com. In return many fans of the new jailbreak dream team have sent hate straight back at the German hacker. I0n1c was a big shot in 2011 when he produced a long awaited untethered jailbreak for […]

Pod2G, Planetbeing, Pimskeks And MuscleNerd (AKA The Evad3rs) Can’t Wait For Apple To Release iOS 6.1


Only a couple days ago we told you that hacker Planetbeing said over Twitter that “the future of Jailbreaking is looking bright.” I relayed a theory that this could be to do with the Dev-Team possessing numerous exploits that could future-proof the iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak to a certain degree. One of our readers also suggested […]

Do Not Update To iOS 6.0.2 If You Want To Eventually Jailbreak Your iPhone 5 Or iPad Mini

Hopefully if you are reading this article I have caught you in time before you updated your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini to the latest iOS 6.0.2 firmware. It is fairly common knowledge in the Jailbreaking community that if you would like to Jailbreak an iOS device, you shouldn’t update to a new firmware version unless […]

Veteran Developer MuscleNerd Weighs In With “Faker’s Guide to JB”, His Thoughts On The Dream Jailbreak Claim


MuscleNerd— one of the original developers and maintainer of the RedSn0w, PwnageTool, and UltraSnow utilities–recently weighed in on what he believes to be fake jailbreaks, including gr1mra1n (a joke by p0sixninja who described the current prospects of an untethered jailbreak as “grim”), redpois0n, and yes, the Dream Jailbreak. For the Dream Jailbreak in particular, MuscleNerd […]