Dash Multitasking Replacement Now Available On Cydia For iPhone And iPod Touch


Dash is self-described multitasking revamp for the iPhone and iPod touch which replaces the standard multitasking tray. Instead of putting icons of previously used apps in a tray below the screen, Dash allows users to swipe between cards which represent open apps. These cards contain screenshots and icons of the apps they represent. Users flip […]

MultiStorey Cydia Tweak Brings An Extra Row Of Icons To The App Switcher And More


Apple’s multitasking app switcher is awesome, it lets you quit apps, background them and change between multiple programs with ease. However, if you have a lot of apps running, it can get a little annoying to scroll through all of them and delete them one by one. The app switcher only shows 4 icons on […]

How To Fix iPhone App Compatibility In Quasar


We recently reviewed Quasar, a window manager which enables true multitasking on the iPad. Quasar is a great interface tweak but its support for iPhone apps is limited. Features like window scaling, fullscreen mode, and landscape rotation only currently work with iPad applications. What’s more, iPhone apps seem to be the most vulnerable to Quasar’s bugs. […]

Extend The Functionality Of The iOS Multitasking Bar With The SuperSwitcher Cydia Tweak


The SuperSwitcher Cydia tweak will allow you to bookmark up to 9 of your favorite applications in a menu above the multitasking bar. The SuperSwitcher Cydia tweak also allows you to change certain system settings such as Bluetooth, WiFi, screen brightness, volume and so much more in this menu. Are you ready to take your […]

Enable And Disable iPad Multitasking Gestures With Activator [QuickGesture Cydia Tweak]


The QuickGesture Cydia tweak will allow you to quickly activate and deactivate iPad multitasking gestures with a simple Activator command such as holding down one of the volume buttons. This could be useful if you are looking for an easy way to toggle your iPad’s multitasking gestures on or off. Note: The QuickGesture Cydia tweak […]

How To: Enable Multitasking Gestures On iPhone, iPod Touch With Zephyr Cydia Tweak


Earlier today we told you that Chpwn released the Zephyr Cydia tweak to enable multitasking gestures on the iPhone and iPod Touch. These multitasking gestures will change the way you multitask on your iOS device for the better! Instead of having to press the Home button twice to bring up the multitasking bar you simply need to […]

Zephyr Cydia Tweak Released Into Cydia [Chpwns “Cool” Cydia Tweak]


We have been pumping up a Cydia tweak being developed by Chpwn for the last few days now. We told you that developer Steve Troughton-Smith (responsible for an early preview of Siri ported on the iPhone 4) tweeted that he thought the beta version of this Cydia tweak was one of the “coolest” Cydia tweaks. […]

Enable The Mulitasking Switcher On Lockscreen With LockScreen Multitasking Cydia Tweak


Has it ever bugged you that you cannot access the Multitasking Switcher while you are on the lockscreen? Well, if it has you will be glad to know that with the LockScreen Multitasking Cydia tweak you can enable the Multitasking Switcher on the lockscreen. Meaning the LockScreen Multitasking Cydia tweak will help shave a few seconds […]

Improve Efficiency Of Multitasking With MultiCleaner Cydia Tweak On iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


Have you been frustrated that your iDevice leaves applications in the multitask tray but the applications are not running? Does the boring long repetitive process of double pressing the home button, holding on an icon, and waiting for it to jiggle, then repetitively press on the tiny red button to quit applications make you waste […]

Multitasking Disabler: Disable Multitasking through Winterboard!


Over the last few months a few tweaks have surfaced in Cydia that have to do with disabling stock iOS multitasking. Another of these tweaks will join the ranks today, and this time the tweak is very simply called Multitasking Disabler.  Now a common question with tweaks that disable stock functionality is why would you […]