iOS 5 Multitasking Shown On Video; Makes Things Clearer


Few days ago, we posted a nice article on how the iOS multitasking bar really works, and we tried to clear the big confusion caused by it. It was based on a developers blog post, which went on to cause a lot of uproar on the Internet. A lot of people believed, that killing the […]

Extend The Functionality Of The iOS Multitasking Bar With The SuperSwitcher Cydia Tweak


The SuperSwitcher Cydia tweak will allow you to bookmark up to 9 of your favorite applications in a menu above the multitasking bar. The SuperSwitcher Cydia tweak also allows you to change certain system settings such as Bluetooth, WiFi, screen brightness, volume and so much more in this menu. Are you ready to take your […]

Clearing Up Confusion On How The iOS Multitasking Really Bar Works


I am sure you have heard from people, read an article, or even been told by someone working in Apple’s Genius Bar that clearing the iOS multitasking bar is a good habit to get in to. I know for the longest time I would make it a daily ritual to clear my multitasking bar before […]