Mockup Shows How Apple Can Improve Safari On iOS [IMAGES]

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If you ask me what is the best browser to use on the iPhone, I would immediately say Google’s Chrome. I’m sure many of you would agree with me, since Chrome has a lot more features than Apple’s stock Safari browser. You get better bookmarking, tab management, search and more. Hence, it would be nice […]

What Do You Make Of A 4.94-Inch iPhone Plus? Check Out This Mockup [IMAGES]


Now this one is a crazy prediction and comes from designer Marco Arment, who also developed the Instapaper iOS app. This isn’t the first time he has predicted future iOS devices, and he has never been right about them. His latest mockup is of a 4.94-inch iPhone Plus, with the same screen resolution as the iPhone […]

If Apple Made A 4.8-Inch iPhone ‘Math’, This Is How It Would Look [VIDEO]


A few days ago, a Chinese newspaper reported that Apple is working on a new iPhone with a larger 4.8-inch display. The new iPhone is apparently known as the iPhone Math, which is super weird. It’s probably a prototype name, or the authors of the post may have misheard the information. If Apple actually releases a new iPhone […]

Mockup Time: Cheaper iPhone And iPad 5 With Thinner Bezels Visualized


Apple introduces new or updated gadgets every year, and 2013 is the year of the iPhone 5S, the cheaper iPhone and the iPad 5. And as it happens every year, mockups of rumored Apple gadgets surface and give us hope. Here’s some new mockups for rumored iOS devices that may land later this year. Firstly, […]

This Concept Of A Redesigned Instagram iOS App Is Pretty Amazing [VIDEO]

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If Instagram developers want some inspiration for a redesigned app, they should look at this. Designer and entrepreneur Stephen M. Levinson (via TechCrunch) checked out the Instagram app and realized he didn’t like it. He then applied his designing skills and created this Instagram app concept, which turned out to be pretty cool. Instagram has come a long […]

This Apple TV Concept Looks Pretty Good To Us [IMAGES]


While Apple is still embroiled in meetings and legal nonsense with all the major cable providers, and an Apple TV that actually offers live television channels is probably still months or even years away, one user on The Verge’s forums has gone ahead and made a whole bunch of concept images of a future Apple […]

This Is What Windows 8 Looked Like In 2010 [IMAGES]


Operating systems tend to take a long time to build, since they’re pretty complicated beasts. Windows is certainly no exception, and Microsoft usually spends two or three years building a new Windows OS. With Windows 8, they began way back in 2010, just a year after the release of Windows 7. One of the first […]

Sneak In One More iPad Mini Mockup Before Apple’s Keynote


You know what time it is. Apple is set to begin their Special Event in a few minutes. The Apple Store is temporarily closed for business, and it is expected that Apple will be releasing updates for the MacBook Pro and Mac Mini, as well as unveil the rumored MacBook Pro with Retina. Since this may be […]

More iPad Mini Mockup Photos Appear In Taiwan


We’ve seen mockups of the iPad Mini in the past, but it seems that the Chinese blog KisPlay has released photographs of particularly high quality iPad Mini dummy units which have been appearing in Taiwan. The photos place the mockup alongside the iPhone 5 and iPad 3 for the ubiquitous size comparison, but also feature detailed close-up […]

How Would The Rumored iPad Mini Look With Colored Anodized Aluminum? [Pictures]


The leaked iPad Mini back plate with a black-dyed anodized aluminum housing has sparked the imagination of Apple fanatics. Apple has used colored anodized aluminum in the past, notably in the past with colorful entries to their iPod Mini lineup as well as with the recently released 5th generation iPod Touch. The dyed metal on the […]